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Stoner rock.


Honcho consists of four members from various parts of Norway and Sweden. Trond Skog on vocals, Mathias Ingvarsson on guitar, Kenneth Andersen on drums, and Steinar Knapstad on bass. These four persons have been playing together since December 1999, and in April 2000 they recorded their first demo, called «Evil Women E.P.».

Evil Women E.P. was recorded in two days in the middle of April at Overhead studios in Oslo, a studio where for instance the Norwegian rock band «Raga Rockers» uses for their recordings. The EP is totally self financed since Honcho is not attached to any record label.

Honcho plays stoner rock, a musicform wich is mainly inspired of hard rock bands from the 70's, and especially Black Sabbath and Deep Purple. Their music has a lot of shuffle beats in it, and they tune their guitars in H-tuning to achieve that deep, sort of hypnosive feeling.


Honch co/ Kenneth Andersen, Hølandsgt.1, leil. 33, 0655 Oslo.

+47 98 62 23 07

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