Maiden møtte nettet

Spørsmålene rant inn i strie strømmer da Iron Maiden møtte Dagbladets lesere :på nettet i dag.

Det er ingen hemmelighet at metal-band har dedikerte fans. Over 5000 biletter er allerede solgt til konserten i Spektrum 26. juni, og da jernjomfruene i dag møtte Dagbladets lesere på nettet truet de nesten 400 spørsmålene med å knekke den lille bærbare PCen til avisas utsendte. På grunn av tekniske problemer fikk ikke dermed Maiden svart på så mange spørsmål som de ønsket. Dagbladet :på nettet beklager dette.

Klassisk Maiden

Dagbladet fikk høre fire sanger fra Maidens ennå ikke titulerte album, inkludert singelen «Wicker Man». Og fans av klassisk Maiden fra midten av 80-tallet kan glede seg. Bruce Dickinson er i storform, og lineupen med tre gitarister vil bli en formidabel utfordring for selv de mest drevne æresmedlemmene i Norsk Luftgitarunion.

HER ER SVARENE FRA DAGENS NETTMØTE: The Sarajevo-Gig Bruce played some solo gigs in Sarajevo. We were making an album at that time. I think it was rumoured that we were gonne be there, but that was never on the agenda. Goodbye, and thanks for all the questions. Sorry we couldnt answer them all.

The three amigos Di`anno I think he's in the pub. He's in a band called Killers. And he's been releasing solo albums the past few years, and we wish him luck. Check out his website. No hope of him singing The Harlot though. But it would be nice.

The three amigos Freaks on parade! That's not the title. Don't believe everything you read. We don't know the name yet. We are still looking at options. It certainly won't be that!

The three amigos Which songs ? Were gonna play a trunk of new songs. But we'll also be playing a selection of older material. We will propably play Numer. Come, and you'll find out.

Best hard rock band ever!! its gonna be a massive Maiden extravaganza.

The three amigos What kind of music do you listen to? We listen to any music that has melody to it. I dont really put it into categories. Sure, I listen to new music and old music, as long as it has a good melody. We don't like false metal though. Death to false metal! Hahaha (said with a very deep voice)

The three amigos Heavy metal He's Elvis. The bands are great. healthy music. it's healthy to have lots of different kinds of music. Great pop songs, great melodies. Im willing to listen to any song as long as it has a melody in it. I draw a line when there is no melody in it, when it's just noise.

The three amigos Anton Maiden I've heard a tribute album, but I'm not sure if he's there. We're looking forward to hearing them.

The three amigos the "new" metal korn is actually going to do some dates with us, some festivals. To be honest I havent really heard so much of Korn. I've heard quite a lot of Machinehead, and I like them. There is plenty of room for different kinds of music, aand I wish them luck.

The three amigos CDCover It changes every time. Eddie changes for every album. We tryk make him evocative of every album, so he can change as the music changes.

The three amigos Old Heroes! You have to give everything. Practice, perseverence and sheer volume. And a pint of adrenalin.

The three amigos Sound? Who can? it's very difficult. I think our latest album goes a long way towards acomplishing that feat.

The three amigos Sweaty pants Next. What kind of website is this?

The three amigos Heavy metal decade? It has played an important part from the 70s. Since then it hasnt been fashionable, but for the people listening to the music it hasnt been out of fashion. Who gives a shit about fashion? Metal doesnt sounds dead to me. It has stood up to the test of time.

The three amigos status quo Not really, we travle around a lot. We propably have to come and live in Scandinavia. We try to listen to as much as we can. One of us used to play with a norwegian singer called Solli, and the swedish guitar player Key Marcello.

The three amigos 3 gitarister It's the only solution.

The three amigos Bruce back... Its great. its like he's never been away. Its really incredible and exciting. its great to hear him sing the old songs again. Its vibey man. Haha

The three amigos

MØTTE NETTET: Spørsmålene rant inn i strie strømmer da Maiden møtte Dagbladets lesere :på nettet.