Hør lydloggene fra de kaprede flyene

Slik var dramatikken 11. september 2001.

TIÅRSMARKERING: Søndag er det ti år siden USA ble rammet av terrorangrepet som tok nesten 3000 liv. Her er en av World Trade Center-bygningene etter at det ble rammet av et kapret fly. Foto: DOUG KANTER/AFP
TIÅRSMARKERING: Søndag er det ti år siden USA ble rammet av terrorangrepet som tok nesten 3000 liv. Her er en av World Trade Center-bygningene etter at det ble rammet av et kapret fly. Foto: DOUG KANTER/AFPVis mer
Hei, denne artikkelen er over ett år gammel og kan innholde utdatert informasjon

(Dagbladet): Lydloggene fra kontrolltårnene og flyene som ble kapret 11. september, er nå sluppet i sin helhet. Her kan du enten lese utskriftene fra dem - eller høre selve opptaket.

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1. 080918 AA11 Check in
AA11: Boston Center, good morning, American11 with you passing through one niner
zero for two three zero.
Boston Sector: American 11, Boston Center, roger, climb, maintain level two eight zero.

2. 081335 AA11 20 Right
Boston Sector: American 11 turn 20 degrees right.
AA11: Turning right, American 11.

3. 081352 AA 11 Lost Contact
Boston Sector: American 11, climb, maintain flight level three five zero.
Boston Sector: American 11, climb, maintain flight level three five zero.
Boston Sector: American 11, Boston.
Boston Sector: (Indistinct) Mike Lima how do you hear?
Mike Lima: Mike Lima has you loud and clear.
Boston Sector: American 11, Boston.
Boston Sector: American one one, the American on the frequency, how do you hear me?
Athens Sector: This is Athens.
Boston Sector: This is Boston, I turned American 20 left and I was going to climb him,
he will not respond to me now at all.
Athens Sector: Looks like he is turning right.
Boston Sector: Yeah, I turned him 20 right.
Athens Sector: Oh, ok.
Boston Sector: And he's only going to, I think, twenty nine.
Athens Sector: Ok.
Boston Sector: Well.
Athens Sector: That's fine.
Boston Sector: But I'm not talking to him.
Athens Sector: He's NORDO, roger.
Boston Sector: Thanks.
Boston Sector: Mike Lima descend at pilot's discretion and maintain flight level two
four zero.
Mike Lima: Two four zero, will begin now, Mike Lima.
Boston Sector: American 11, Boston.
Boston Sector: American 11, if you hear Boston Center, ident.
[Background] Boston Sector: (indistinct)
Boston Sector: American 11 if you hear Boston Center ident please, or acknowledge.
Boston Sector: American 11, if you hear Boston Center re-contact Boston Center on one
two seven point eight two, that?s American 11, one two seven eight two.

4. 082350 AA11 Check Everything Company
Rockfield Sector: Athens, this is Rockfield, couple of things (indistinct) hey, also, are you trying to get through to company on the American 11?
Athens Sector: We are trying everything here.
Rockfield Sector: Has he really got no transponder, screw-up, or what?
Athens Sector: It appears that way.
Rockfield Sector: OK, bye.

5. Gonzalez-Ong
AAL: American Airlines Emergency line, please state your emergency.
Gonzalez: Hey, this is Nidia at American Airlines calling. I am monitoring a call in which flight 11, the flight attendant is advising our reps that the pilot, everyone's been stabbed.
AAL: Flight 11?
Gonzalez: Yeah.
Gonzalez: They can't get into the cockpit is what I'm hearing.
AAL: Ok. Who is this I'm talking to?
Gonzalez: Excuse me, this is Nidia at American Airlines at the Raleigh Reservation
Center, I'm the operations specialist on duty.
AAL: And, I'm sorry what was your name again?
Gonzalez: Nidia.
AAL: Nidia, and what?s your last name?
Gonzalez: Gonzalez, G-O-N-Z-A-L-E-Z.
AAL: Raleigh reservations, ok
Gonzalez: I've got the flight attendant on the line with one of our agents.
AAL: Ok, and she's calling how?
Gonzalez: Through reservations. I can go in on the line and ask the flight attendant questions.
AAL: Ok, uh, uh, I'm assuming they've declared an emergency, let me get ATC on the line here, stand by.
Gonzalez: Gotten any contact with anybody? I'm on with security, ok Betty? You are doing a great job just stay calm, ok.  We are, absolutely.
AAL: Ok, we're contacting the flight crew now, we?re alc----, we're also contacting ATC.
Gonzalez: Ok.
AAL: Anything else from the flight attendant?
Gonzalez: Uh, so far what I've gotten, the number five flight attendant's been stabbed, but she seems to be breathing, the number one seems to be stabbed pretty badly, she's lying down on the floor, they don't know whether she is conscious or not. The other flight attendants are in the back, ummm, and that's as far as I know. It seems like the passengers in coach might not be aware of what's going on right now.
AAL: These two passengers were from first class?
Gonzalez: Ok, hold on. Hey Betty, you know any information as far as the men in the cockpit with the pilots, were they from first class? They were sitting in two A and B.
AAL: Ok.
Gonzalez: They are in the cockpit with the pilot.
AAL: Who's helping them, is there a doctor on board?
Gonzalez: Is there a doctor on board, Betty that's helping you guys? You don't have any doctors on board? Ok. So, you've gotten all the first-class passengers out of first class?
AAL: Have they taken everyone out of first class?
Gonzalez: Yeah, she's just saying that they have, they're in coach. What's going on hunny.
Gonzalez: Ok, The aircraft is erratic again, bobbing very erratically.
Gonzalez: She did say that all the first-class passengers have been moved back to coach,
that first class the cabin is empty.
Gonzalez: What?s going on, on your end Craig?
AAL: Uhhh, we contacted Air Traffic Control. They are gonna handle this as a confirmed hijacking so they are moving all the traffic out of this aircraft's way.
Gonzalez: Ok.
AAL: He turned his transponder off, so we don't have a definitive altitude for him. Ahhh, we are just going by, they seem to think, that they have him on a primary radar, they seem to think that he is descending.
Gonzalez: Ok.
AAL: Yeah. Ok, Nidia
Gonzalez: Yes dear I'm here.
AAL: Ok. I have the dispatcher currently taking a current fuel on board
Gonzalez: Uh huh
AAL: And, ah, we?re gonna run some profiles
Gonzalez: Ok
AAL: To see exactly what his endurance is
Gonzalez: Ok
AAL: Did sh----
Gonzalez: She doesn't have an idea who the other passenger might be in first apparently they might have sprayed something so it's, it's ummm, they're having a hard time breathing or getting in that area. What's going on Betty? Betty, talk to me. Betty, are you there? Betty. (Indistinct) do you think we lost her? Ok, so, we'll like we'll stay open. We, I think we might have lost her.
AAL: Ok.

6. 082444 Keying 2 Transmissions
(Indistinct. Microphone keyed three times)
Boston Sector: Is that American 11 trying to call?
Atta: (Indistinct) we have some planes. Just stay quiet and we'll be ok. We are returning to the airport.
Background: Air traffic communications.
Boston Sector: And, uh, who's trying to call me, here?
Background: Air traffic communications.
Boston Sector: American 11 are you trying to call?
Atta: Nobody move, everything will be ok. If you try to make any moves, you will injure yourself and the airplane. Just stay quiet.

7. 082457 Nobody move
Atta: Nobody move. Everything will be ok. If you try to make any moves you will injure yourself and the airplane. Just stay quiet.

8. 082453 AAll Check Sup Already Did
Unknown Boston Controller: Yeah, uh we got him on primary.
Unknown Boston Controller: Hey, 38?
Athens Sector 38: Yes.
Unknown Boston Controller: You guys heard anything from American?
Athens Sector 38: No.
Unknown Boston Controller: Ok, we think there might be somebody in the cockpit right now taking it over.
Athens Sector 38: Ok.
Unknown Boston Controller: Yeah, we just (indistinct).
Unknown Boston Controller: Call the supervisor, please.
Unknown Boston Controller: Yeah, we?re already doing it.
Unknown Boston Controller: Ok, I know.

9. 082542 AA11 Point Out Enter New Route
Dial Tone
Unknown Boston Controller: Ah, not right now. Go ahead 38.
Unknown Female Voice: Yeah, American 11. Ah, we suspect there is someone in the cockpit that has taken over. We have just put him in direct Watertown, Jamestown. Last we knew he was on present heading, cleared to flight level two nine zero. No one is talking to him. ARINC has been called. We broadcasted on guard. We've tried through company.
Unknown Boston Controller: OK, thanks.
Unknown Female Voice: And 2-9-0 is not verified.
Unknown Boston Controller: Ok, thanks.
Unknown Female Voice: You're welcome.

10. 082655 AAll Take Back Look West Albany
Dial Tone
Unknown Boston Controller 1: Because he was just heading that way, yes.
Unknown Female Voice: We've taken the American back because he appears to have turned.
Unknown Boston Controller 1: Yep, bye.
Background: (Indistinct air traffic communication)
Unknown Boston Controller 2: Go ahead.
Unknown Female Voice: Yeah, I need you to look west of Albany, American 11, and put him on your scope. He is, ah, NORDO, has been since he talked to Boston High. We assume he's at flight level two nine zero. Ah, we're not sure. We think there is someone in the cockpit with him. Ah, we've broadcasted over guard, we've gone ARINC, we've gone company, nobody is talkin? to him. We don't know where he is going, we don't know what altitude he's at.
Unknown Boston Controller 2: Ok.
Unknown Female Voice: Ok.
Unknown Boston Controller 2: Thanks.

11. 082924 ZBW Notification ZOB/ZNY
Cleveland Center: Cleveland.
Boston Center: Alright, Cleveland, New York. Boston. Ah, I got a little situation with American one, one, American 11. He is a, uh, seven fifty seven, departed Boston, goin' to LAX. Ah, we don't know where the aircraft is going. He, ah, in, ah, supposedly going to LAX, was going Westbound, we lost his, ah, frequency, and we lost his transponder, and now the aircraft is, ah, just west of Albany, heading due south.
Cleveland Center: Oh, my goodness. K. We have, do we have a, a data block on him, who's got the, ah
Boston Center: Yeah, we, we a, it's a primary target, presently, as I said, heading southwest bound
Cleveland Center: Ok, uh, understand.
Boston Center: (Indistinct) right now.
Cleveland Center: I'll advise the area.
Boston Center: Last altitude ah observed was ah flight level two niner zero.
Cleveland Center: 29.
Unknown Controller: Heading south bound?
Boston Center: Heading southwest bound, he's like towards Hancock, ah, right, right around there. He's Southwest of Albany, by one five miles.
Unknown Controller: You have no idea where he's going?
Boston Center: No idea, sir.
Unknown Controller: Alrighty.
Herndon Center: You can tag him on the, ahhh, TSD.
Unknown Controller: I've got him tagged, primary only?
Herndon Center: You can pick him up.
Boston Center: Primary only.
Unknown Controller: Ok.
Boston Center: Ok.
Herndon Center: Thank you.

12. 083053 AA11 Pascione Summation to Unknown
Herndon Center: Well Boston Center claims that, uh, ah they lost radio communication with the aircraft.
Unknown: And transponder, too
Herndon Center: And the transponder. And there's also, ah, they're tracking the primary target at this point, he was last known at ah flight level two nine zero.
Unknown: Uh, huh
Herndon Center: And he appears to have turned, ah, south, southwest bound, and uh, also, there was some mention of some sort of a, a threat being made, or ah
Unknown: He made?
Herndon Center: A threat to the cockpit, or, some threat.
Unknown: Oh shit, let me get the managers involved.
Herndon Center: In the cockpit. (Indistinct) Boston is uncertain exactly what was said. I guess they are going to pull the tapes as quick as they can.
Unknown: Hey Tom, where can I reach you back? What number at?
Herndon Center: Um, xxx-xxx-xxxx.
Unknown: Ok, alright, (indistinct) I'll call you back.

13. Boston Flight Service Segment One
Howland: (Indistinct) Ray Howland.
Wyatt: Ray Howland, Nancy Wyatt, ah, Boston flight service.
Howland: Yes.
Wyatt: Ok, we've got the flight attendants on the line here.
Howland: You do have them on the line?
Wyatt: From the plane, yeah.
Howland: Can you conference them in with us?
Wyatt: I have no idea how to do that, if you can help me out, uh, hold, ah, he's getting some information, here.
Wyatt: I'm gonna read his notes for you. Ah, it looks like ah he's Middle Eastern. Speaks no English. He was in 10 B, 10 baker.
Howland: Right
Wyatt: 9 D and G, speaks no speaks no English. Ah, the plane's in a rapid descent, ah
Howland: (Indistinct) Is the cockpit still
Wyatt: Yep. Ok, the flight attendants are concerned they don't know what's going on in the cockpit. Are you in con—contact with them?
Howland: No we're not, (indistinct) we're, we're trying to get in contact with the cockpit.
Wyatt: Ok.
Howland: Alright. We really don't want to tell her that.
Wyatt: Ok. Don't, OK got it. Ok there, ah, we're not sure. Ah, ok, looks like there's severe bleeding, that ah, he's keeping her on the  line, there's severe bleeding, there's a slashed throat
Wyatt: Michael, is that severe, is that slashed throat a flight attendant?
[Background] Michael: No, the Cap—

14. Boston Flight Service Segment Two
[Background] Unknown: Amy, what's that?
Howland: Boston flight service has another one of the flight attendants on the phone here. Boston flight service. You lost it?
Howland: Ok, we lost the (indistinct). I really need to get on the phone with her.
Wyatt: Something's wrong. Ah, Amy, Amy Sweeney's on the phone.
Howland: Amy Sweeney?
Wyatt: Yeah she's the number 9.
Howland: Ok.
Wyatt: And he's having trouble talking to her, right now?
Howland: Alright. These are the two that are injured, 1 and 5.
Wyatt: She started screaming and saying something's wrong, and now he's having trouble.
Howland: Ok.
Wyatt: (Indistinct) thinks he might be disconnected.
Wyatt: Ok, we just lost, ah, the connection.
Howland: Lost the connection.
Wyatt: Yep
Howland: [Sigh]
Wyatt: Something's wrong with the airplane? They're not in the cockpit? OK. They're in the back of the plane.
Howland: They're in the back of the airplane
Wyatt: Yeah, they're in the back of the airplane, they're not, oh, the hijackers are in the cockpit. Holy
Howland: Oh no.
[Background] Unknown: Number 1, number 5.
Wyatt: Ok, they're in the cockpit.
Howland: Hey Craig, Craig. They're saying the hi, they're in the cockpit
Background (Unknown): Amy said that
Wyatt: Listen, let's just see when the next flight to Kennedy is, just to see if he's going to Kennedy, so we can be ready.

15. 083359 Nobody Move Please Going Back to Airport
Atta: Nobody move please. We are going back to the airport. Don't try to make any stupid moves.

16. 083556 AA11 ZNY Kingston point out to Kennedy
Kingston Sector: Kennedy, Kingston, 96
Kennedy Sector: Kennedy
Kingston Sector: Yeah, heads up for you here. I've got an American 11. He's right over Kingston right now. He's at, we think he's at flight level two nine zero. There appears to be some possible problem with him. He's departed Boston, going to ah Los Angeles. But,
ah, somewhere along the way here he took a left turn and he's not talking to anyone. Hasn't talked to anybody in about 75, maybe a hundred miles. So, he's southeast bound right now, so he's going to pass just, like, over Carmel, and again, we don't have a verified altitude. We think he's at flight level two nine zero, we're trying to verify that now.
Kennedy Sector: You have a code on him?
Kingston Sector: Ah, no, he's flying x-ray, there, there's no code on the guy. He's flying x-ray, and we approved that, so he's a primary now, right over Kingston, flight level two nine zero, supposedly.
Kennedy Sector: Supposedly, two nine zero, and he's headed southeast bound?
Kingston Sector: Headed southeast bound, and now he's gonna go, between, ah, it looks like maybe right over Dewey's intersection. So I'm just giving you a heads up, we're not talking to him, no one's talked to him the last about 20 minutes.
Kennedy Sector: And what's the call sign?
Kingston Sector: American 11.
Kennedy Sector: American 11.
Kingston Sector: I'll, I'll call you when he gets a little closer to your boundary, ok?
Kennedy Sector: Ok.

17. 083940 ZBW TRACON by Sparta
Boston Central: Boston Center here. Can I get New York TRACON?
Herndon Center: You bet (indistinct) with the, ah, cockpit.
Boston Central: Yeah, for the American 11.
Herndon Center: Say it again?
Boston Center: Oh, reference American 11.
Herndon Center: Have you have you had any contact with him yet?
Boston Center: Ah, no, no contact, ah it is confirmed ah hijack, though
Boston Center: Ok, TRACON, hi, Boston Center, ah good morning, American 11, ah seven fifty seven, possible hijack
NY TRACON: K. American 11, seven, seven five and uh (indistinct). Where's he landing?
Boston Center: Ah, right now, we don't have any idea. But ah, he was to the Northwest of Albany and now he's ah down by Sparta, losing speed very rapidly, we believe he is a primary only, and uh, we believe he's in a descent, and that's why he's, ah, he's, he's slowing down.

18. 084739 AA11 Discussion to First Impact
New York Center: Everybody copy?
Herndon Center: Say that again, please
Boston Center: We, we, looks like we lost the primary target about twenty west of Kennedy, and we had a report of an ELT in the area. We're gonna ah, guess we'll ah, get some Coast Guard activity up there
Unknown: Well, we lost the track too
New York Center: Hey Boston, this is New York, ah what type of aircraft was the American?
Boston Center: Seven sixty seven
ACI Watch: This is the ACI watch. Say again if you lost, ah, track of the aircraft, over
Boston Center: Boston has lost track, on our frequency we had some threats that it was a hijack, (indistinct) the tapes
New York Center: New York confirms that we last track as well, and we were, ah, had report of ah ELT in the area that the track was in.
New York Center: Kennedy Tower reports, (indistinct) you serious? Kennedy Tower reports that there was a fire at the World Trade Center. And that's, ah, that's the area where we lost the airplane.

19. 085017 ZNY Major Fire
Unknown Pilot: Anybody know what that smoke is in lower Manhattan?
New York Center: I'm sorry, say again.
Unknown Pilot: Lot of smoke in lower Manhattan.
New York Center: A lot of smoke in lower Manhattan?
Unknown Pilot: (Indistinct) coming out of the, ah, top of the World Trade Center building, a major fire.

20. 083355 Bueno Call to Cape Tracon
Cape Approach: Cape Approach.
Bueno: Hey Cape, ah, Dan Bueno calling from Boston Center. Hey we've got a situation with American 11, a possible hijack.
Cape Approach: American 11?
Bueno: Yes sir, departed Boston going to LAX, right now he?s out to Albany, like to scramble some fighters to go tail him.
Cape Approach: Well, Ok. Well, we'll talk to Otis here.
Bueno: Ok, and (indistinct) if you want just depart and, ah, we'll put a flight plan in for him and, ah, we'll aim him toward, ah, Hampton direct.
Cape Approach: American 11 (indistinct).
Bueno: Ok.
Cape Approach: And right now he's (indistinct) Albany.
Bueno: No, no, no, no, no he's, ah, right now southwest of, he?s airborne about 40, to south of Albany, primary only.
Cape Approach: (Indistinct) I'll talk to them right now. And who is this here?
Bueno: Dan Bueno from Boston, TMU.
Cape Approach: Dan TMU. Ok.
Bueno: Correct.
Cape Approach: Alright.

21. 083724 ZBW call to Powell and Reaction
Powell: Huntress weapons, Sergeant Powell
Cooper: Hi, Boston Center, TMU, we have ah a problem here, we have a hijacked aircraft headed towards New, New York and we need you guys to, we need someone to scramble some F-16s or something up there to help us out.
Powell: Is, is this real world or exercise?
Cooper: No, this is not an exercise, not a test.
Powell: Ok. Hey, ah, hold on one second, ok?
Cooper: Yes.
Powell: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, seriously, (indistinct) big time (indistinct).

22. 083815 Powell Cooper Deskins
Powell: Sir, sir, sir.
Cooper: Yes sir.
Powell: Yeah, I've got an MCC comin? right now to talk to you so you can handle all that.
Cooper: Thank you.
Powell: Alright.
Deskins: Hi, this is Major Deskins.
Cooper: Hi, Joe Cooper, Boston Center we have a—
Deskins: Yeah, Joe.
Cooper: Hijacked aircraft headed towards the New York metro area. Wondering if you could uh send some one up there, some F-16s or something to help us out, maybe out of—
Deskins: New York metro.
Cooper: Maybe out of Otis.
Deskins: Do you have a mode 3 on it?
Cooper: No, no.
Deskins: A mode 3 code?
Cooper: It's just a primary target only, we lost, ah, we lost the, ah, mode, the mode C on it, so you'd have to get up in the air and we'd have to vector you towards the aircraft.
Deskins: Ok, so you'd want'a control the intercept, because—
Cooper: We'd have to, yeah.
Deskins: You'd have to, right.
Cooper: Until you guys can pick him up on primary radar.
Deskins: Ok. Do you have a general location as to where he is?
Cooper: We're still tracking him right now.
Deskins: You're tracking him.
Cooper: Yeah.
Deskins: Can you, can you give me a lat long, where he is for our SA?
Cooper: Yeah, hold on a second.

23. 083922 NEADS Weapons and MCC Battle Stations
[Background] Weapons Position: (Indistinct).
Deskins: Hey Nasty, looking for assets (indistinct) lat long
Weapons Position: Real world hijack. You got it.
Weapons Position: (Indistinct) yep. Once we, ah, once he comes into our radar, we will, we'll be taking it, give me those slides quick.
Deskins: Four one one five north, zero seven eight four six west
Weapons Position: (Indistinct) make sure you know what's going on. Real world hijack, forty mi—forty miles north of Kennedy.
Deskins: (Indistinct)
Weapons Position: Otis on battle stations.
Weapons Position: Putting Otis on battle stations.

24. 084000 AA11 Panta 45 Battle Stations Cape Tape
Tower: Tower is on.
Approach: Cape Approach is on.
Powell: Giant Killer.
Giant Killer: Giant Killer.
Powell: This is Huntress placing Panta four five, four six on battle stations, I repeat battle stations, time one two four one, authenticate hotel romeo, all parties acknowledge with initials. Command Post.
Powell: Giant Killer, Tower.
Tower: (Indistinct).
Powell: Approach.
Approach: Tango Juliet and say again the call sign
Powell: Panta, papa alfa november tango alfa, four five, four six
Approach: (Indistinct).
Powell: Juliet Papa, all parties are cleared to drop.

25. 084259 NEADS SOCC Work to Scramble
Foxy: I've never seen so much real world stuff happen during an exercise
[Background] Unknown: (Indistinct).
Foxy: Steve, lat long, forty one.
Unknown: Right
Unknown: What was that?
[Background] Unknown: two nine zero (indistinct).
Foxy: Ok. Find this guy.
Nasypany: Yeah, forty one.
Nasypany: Yeah, we're putting it in.
[Background] Unknown: Fourteen forty three
Nasypany: Fourteen forty three, look for it, right there, ok, mode three, fourteen forty three, last known. No, this is real world. Ok, we're in the high chair.
Background: I've got a Z point, sir.
Nasypany: Last known position, that we got out this guy, was right there at the Z point, he's headed one nine zero at twenty nine  thousand feet, heading down, so we're looking for somebody, you know what start hitting up tracks all around that area, that Z point, OK, just north of ah
MCC/T: SD, scramble Otis.
Fox: Copy, say mission
Fox: I don't know where I?m scramblin? these guys to, I need a direction, ah, destination.
Nasypany: OK, I'm going to give you the Z point. It's just north of, ah, New York City.
Fox: I got this lat long forty one fifteen seventy four thirty six, or seventy three forty six
Nasypany: Head 'em in that direction.
Fox: Copy that

26. 083800 AA11 NEADS ID Techs React to Powell
ID Tech 1 (Unknown): What?
ID Tech 2 (Unknown): What was that?
[Background] Unknown: Is that real world?
Sr. ID Tech: Real world hijack.
ID Tech: Cool. Ribbit. [Humming]. Boston (indistinct).
[Background]: Dial tone
ID Tech: Open line.
Scoggins: Boston, military desk.
ID Tech: Yeah, Huntress calling, ah, in reference to the hijacked aircraft
Scoggins: Yes.
ID Tech: We're seeking to get some information from you, if we could.
Scoggins: Ok, what (indistinct) you need?
ID Tech: We need call sign, type aircraft.
Scoggins: It's, ah, American 11
ID Tech: American 11.
Scoggins: Type aircraft is a, uh, seven sixty seven
ID Tech: And, number of souls on board, do you know that?
Scoggins: Uh, I don't, know, hold on. Hey Dan, do we got souls on board, and all that?
Scoggins: No. We don't have any of that information.
ID Tech: You don't have any of that? Ok.
Scoggins: We know the position about 40 miles north of Kennedy.
ID Tech: Forty miles north of Kennedy?
Scoggins: Right.
ID Tech: Do you have, ah, mode 3?
Scoggins: No we don't, he's a primary target, only.
ID Tech: Primary target only?
Scoggins: Yeah.
ID Tech: Ok, and you don't know where he's coming from or destination?
Scoggins: No idea. He took off out of Boston originally heading for, ah, Los Angeles.
IT Tech: Boston to Los Angeles?
Scoggins: That was his original destination, yeah.
ID Tech: And where are they going now, do you know?
Scoggins: No idea. He's headin? towards Kennedy, looks like his speed is decreasing, I'm not exactly sure where, nobody really knows
ID Tech: Are you the controlling agency? Or is New York?
Scoggins: Boston Center.
ID Tech: Boston Center.
Scoggins: Right now we are, he's headed right for New York Center.
IT Tech: And is there any military assistance requested?
Scoggins: Ah, yes. We're actually trying to get ah F-15s to ah—
ID Tech: (Indistinct) to get F-15s out.
Scoggins: Yeah, F15s out of Otis.
ID Tech: But you don't have, uh, you don't have any modes or codes on him?
Scoggins: Uh, no, right now, right now, it's just, ah, no we don't have any mode C.
ID Tech: Is he inbound to JFK?
Scoggins: We, we don't know. Heh—
ID Tech: You don't know where he is at all?
Scoggins: He's been hijacked. The pilots having a hard time talking to the, I mean, we don't know, we don't know where he's going, he's heading towards Kennedy, he's, ah,
like I said he's like thirty five miles north of Kennedy now at three hundred sixty seven knots.
ID Tech: Ok.
Scoggins: No idea where he's going (indistinct).
ID Tech: If you could please give us a call, and let us know, ah, you know any information, that would be great.
Scoggins: Ok. Right now I guess we're trying to work on, I guess there's been some threats in the cockpit, ah, the pilot.
ID Tech: Based on what? I'm sorry.
Scoggins: Ah. We'll call you right back as soon as we know more info.
ID Tech: Thank you.

27. 084555 NEADS Powell Otis Scramble
Command Post: Command Post up
Giant Killer: Giant Killer's on
Powell: Approach
Approach: Approach is on.
Powell: This is Huntress with an active air defense scramble for Panta four five, four six. Time, one two four six. Authenticate delta x-ray. Scramble immediately, Panta four five, four six, heading two eight zero, flight level two niner zero. Contact Huntress on frequency two two eight decimal niner. Backup three six four decimal two. All parties acknowledge with initials. Command Post.
Command Post: Mike Kilo
Tower: (Indistinct).
Approach: Tango Julliet.
Giant Killer: (Indistinct).
Powell: All parties are cleared to drop, Juliet Papa here.

28. 084629 NEADS CC Summary for BC 25 Miles Z Point
Nasypany: Hi, sir.
Nasypany: Ok. What, what we're doing, we're trying to (indistinct) locate this guy. We can't find him via IFF. What we're going to do, we gonna hit up every track within a twenty-five mile radius of the Z point that we put on the scope. Twenty nine thousand, heading one nine zero, we're just gonna do, we're gonna try to find this guy. They can't find him, then he's not in uh, there's been supposedly there?s threats in the cockpit, so we're just, ah, doing the thing.
Nasypany: True. And, probably right now, with what's goin? on in the cockpit, (indistinct) probably the crazies, so, it probably needs to simmer down and we'll get some better information. I've scrambled Otis, already, per your direction. We're sending them in that general direction, we're sending them right to that Z point, and then we can, ah, we can maneuver 'em as deemed uh
Nasypany: Right, we'll, we'll work with them, make sure weapons works with them, now.

29. 085207 NEADS Learns of WTC Continues Scramble
Naspany: So, if we can find it, we?ll intercept it. Did you did you just say something hit the World Trade Center or something reports? No keep on going with it.
Unknown: I talked with ID, and we had a phone call that came down to us saying that they had a possible hijack out of Boston.
Scoggins: Ok.
Unknown: And uh, I just whipped around and we were just, we always watch the news, and a seven thirty seven hit the World Trade Center, and I was just curious at the same time if that was the aircraft. Last I knew they had a primary on it. Track was not squawking seventy five hundred but it was, ah—
Nasypany: Could be it.
Unknown: Under duress.
Nasypany: Send them to New York City, still, continued go
Scoggins: Sir, hold on.
Nasypany: K, ok, who's plugged in up there? Plug in.
Scoggins: Sir, I have to have you hold on for a minute
Unknown: Ok.
Nasypany: This is what I've got so far.
Unknown: Ok.
Nasypany: Ok. This is what we—
Fox: (Indistinct).
Nasypany: Ok, now we do.
Unknown: Yeah.
Nasypany: This is what I got. Possible news that a seven thirty seven just hit the World Trade Center, this is real world, and we're trying to confirm this. Ok, continue taking the fighters down to the New York City area, JFK area, as best as you can. Make sure that the FAA clears a, you a route all the way through. Just do what we gotta do, ok. Just press with it. And it looks like somebody, looks like this guy could've hit the World Trade Center.

30. 085340 Panta Hold and work with FAA
Fox: Alright, our last actual reported position if he didn't crash into the World Trade Center is twenty miles south of JFK. So, I want you to take him down into this area, hold as needed, whatever altitude they need to go for Center to make that work, is fine with me. That's the area I want him to go and hold, right in that little gap there.
Fox [to background]: Alright, this is what we're doing; we're taking him down into this area to hold for now. Whatever altitude Center needs for them to do that is fine. But, ah, is, the weapons team should have that. The fighters should be talking to Center they're going pass that to the fighters exactly what we want them to do.
Nasypany: Now, Foxy.
Fox: Yeah, no, no, because if he's still airborne.
Nasypany: Ok, right now, if you can hand the fighters over directly to FAA.
Fox: They're still under FAA control, we're never going take 'em.
Nasypany: Just take 'em all the, work with them, coordinate with them as best that you can with that, take them to the area and let them handle that airspace. (Indistinct).

31. 0944 Washington has no clue
ID Tech: (Sigh). Ok Mo, the aircraft that you said was by the White House is now near the Pentagon. I don't know where the hell they're getting their info. I said Washington [Center] has no clue, when I called Washington [Center] about it. They didn't know what the hell was going on.

32. 083818 UA175 Affirms AA11 at FL 29
New York Center: Ok, United 175, you have him at your twelve o'clock, now five, ten miles.
UA175: Affirmative we have him, uh, he looks about twenty, say about twenty nine, twenty eight thousand.
New York Center: Ok, thank you.

33. 083942 UA175 Vectored 30 Right for Traffic
New York Center: United 175, (indistinct) turn 30 degrees to the right, I want to keep you away from this traffic.
UA175: Thirty degrees to the right, United 175, heavy.

34. 084131 AA11 UA175 ZNY Reort of Suspicious Transmission Boston
UA175: New York, United 175, heavy.
New York Sector: United one seventy five, go ahead.
UA175: Ah, we figured we'd wait to go to your center, ah, we heard a suspicious transmission, ah, on our departure out of Boston, ah, with someone, ah, uh, sounded like someone keyed the mike and said, uh, everyone, uh, stay in your seats.
New York Sector: Oh, ok, I'll pass that along over here. Hey Kingston on ninety three line.
Kingston Sector: Go ahead.
New York Sector: That United 175 just came on my frequency, and he said that he heard a suspicious, uh, transmission when they were leaving Boston.
Kingston Sector: Oh yeah?
New York Sector: Everybody stay in their seats, that's what they heard as a suspicious transmission. Now that USAIR five eight three code, the American he spotted him, was at twenty nine.

35. 084826 This is New York Center
New York Center: Ok, this is New York Center, ah, we're watching the airplane, he is 15 west of Kennedy now, we had t— one or two confirmations that he was still at twenty nine, excuse me, one at twenty nine, one at thirty one, didn't, couldn't see him
New York Center: Ah, I also had conversation with American Airlines, and they've told us that they believe that, ah, one of their stewardesses was stabbed and that there are people in the cockpit who have control of the aircraft, and that's all the information they have, ah, right now.

36. 085146 UA175 ZNY Recycle Transponder
New York Center: United one seventy five, recycle your transponder and squawk code of one four seven zero.
New York Center: United 175, New York.
New York Center: United 175, do you read New York?
New York Center: Delta 1489, do you read New York?
D1489: Delta 1489, go ahead.
New York Center: Ok, just wanted to make sure you read New York, ah, United, United 175, do you read New York?

37. 085323 UA175 ZNY Report to Sup and Code 3321
Dial tone
Battaglia: Tim?
New York Controller (Unknown): Hello?
Battaglia: Do you, ah, see that United 175 anywhere? And do me a favor, you see that target there, the thirty three twenty one code, at thirty three five climbing? Don't know who he is, but you got the USAIR 583 if you need to descend him down you can. Nobody, we, we have a hijack, we have some problems over here right now.
New York Controller (Unknown): Oh you do?
Battaglia: Yes. That, that may be real traffic, nobody knows, I can't get a hold of United one seventy five at all right now, and I don't where he went to.
New York Controller (Unknown): Alright. Ok, I'll see if I have one.
Battaglia: Alright.
New York Controller (Unknown): Ok.
Battaglia: United 175, New York.

38. 085408 UA175 ZNY Controller works UA175 and AA11 issue
Battaglia: USAIR 583, go ahead.
USAIR583: Yeah, yes, ah, reports on over the radio of a commuter plane hitting the World Trade Center. Is that, ah, seven—oh—seven six still in the air?
Battaglia: Don't know but just stand by. Delta 2433 turn left to a heading of one seven zero, now. I have traffic, I'm not really sure if it's good, out of thirty two, might be descending, might be climbing. I'm showing him at thirty one right now.
[Background] Unknown: 315 turn left.
D2433: (Indistinct) out of twenty four, thirty three.
[Background] Unknown: (Indistinct) turn immediately, two zero zero.
Battaglia: United 175, do you read New York?
[Background] Unknown: One o'clock, ten miles turning into your airspace,
descending out of thirty three.
Battaglia: Delta 2433, umm, can you climb to flight level three three zero, the traffic
looks like he's descended back down to thirty one, now.
D2433: Yeah, we can go up.
Battaglia: Ok. Climb and maintain flight level three three zero, Delta 2433.
D2433: Climbin? to thirty three, Delta 2433.

39. 085751 UA175 ZNY ID as UA175 complex traffic
New York Center: (Internal communication).
Battaglia: (Indistinct).
New York Controller Unknown: Go ahead
Battaglia: Oh, I'm sorry, I got some hand offs here. We got some incidents going over here. The Delta 2433 gonna be ok at thirty three?
New York Controller Unknown: (Indistinct).
Battaglia: I've got him climbin? for traffic, if they can. United 175 that just took off out of a, thing, we might have a hijack over here, two of 'em
New York Controller Unknown: (Indistinct).
Battaglia: So, is Delta 2433 ok coming back?
New York Controller Unknown: Yes, Delta thirty three.
Battaglia: Ok, and, uh, Delta 1489 is coming to you, also.
New York Controller Unknown: Ok (indistinct).
Battaglia: Delta 1489 contact New York Center, now, on one three four point three two.
D1489: Delta 1489, three four three two
Battaglia: Delta 2433, thank you for your help. That, ah, United just took off and we're not really sure what he's doing. You thought it was United seven sixty seven, though?
D2433: That's, ah, that's what it looked like.
Battaglia: Thank you Delta 2433. Climbing at two seven zero, join J seventy five. Resume all navigation, thanks for the climb.

40. 090113 Mulligan Bell
Mulligan: Check with your NOM, do you know if any one down there has done any coordination to scramble fighter type airplanes?
Bell: (Indistinct) still think the airplane's in the air?
Mulligan: No, we have several situations going, going on here. It is escalating big big time, and we need to get the military involved with us.
Bell: Why, what's going on?
Mulligan: Just get me somebody who has the authority to get military in the air, now.
Bell: Alright. I'll go tell 'em.

41. 090021 Hey Joe ZNY TRACON x1085 TMU
New York Center Unknown: Hey Joe, you see three three two one code just southwest of
Newark by about fifteen, eighteen, twenty miles.
Joe: Hold on.
New York Center Unknown: Fifteen thousand, descending.
Joe: I'm looking, hold one, southwest of Newark by about fifteen twenty?
Joe: I don't see any.
New York Center Unknown: They were trackin? him, made a hard left turn, he descended pretty rapidly, and especially with just happened in there.
Joe: I got somebody that keeps coasting, but he looks like he's going into one of those small airports down there.
New York Center Unknown: Hold on a second. No, this guy's a big boy. This guy's a big boy cause he's leaving some big contrails, I'm trying to bring him up here, get ya, there he is, right there, hold on.
[Background] Unknown: Southwest of Newark.
Joe: He's out of ninety five hundred, nine thousand now
New York Center Unknown: Do you know who he is?
Joe: We just, we just, we don't know who he is. We're just pickin; him up now.
New York Center Unknown: Alright. Heads up man, looks like another one.
Joe: Alright.

42. 090247 UA175 Vis United Report into Tower TRACOM TMUDD
New York Center Unknown: Hey, can you look out your window right now?
New York TRACON: Yeah.
New York Center Unknown: Can you, can you see a guy at about four thousand feet, about five east of the airport right now, look's like he's—
New York TRACON: Yeah, I see him.
New York Center Unknown: Do you see that guy, look, is he descending into the building also?
New York TRACON: He's descending really quick too, Yeah
New York Center Unknown: Well that's—
New York TRACON: Forty five hundred feet now, he just dropped eight hundred feet in like, like one, one sweep.
New York Center Unknown: That's another situation. What kind of a plane is that, can you guys tell?
New York TRACON: I don't know. I'll read it out in a minute.
[Background] New York TRACON: (Indistinct).
New York TRACON: Another one just hit just hit the building.
New York Center: Wow.
[Background] New York TRACON: (Indistinct). Oh my god.
New York TRACON: Another one just hit it hard.
New York Center: Another one just hit the World Trade.
New York TRACON: The whole building just, ah, came apart.
[Background] New York TRACON: (Indistinct). Oh my god.
New York Center Unknown: Holy smokes. Alright. I guess you guys are going to be busy.
New York TRACON: Ok.

43. 090423 UA175 ZNY 2d aircraft into WTC
TRACON: I think an airplane just plowed into the City
NY Center: I, yeah, they did, ah, duh, the World Trade Center hit (indistinct).
TRACON: No, another one, we just saw another one do it.
NY Center: Another one?
NY Center: Holy cow, that's two, ah, one just hit (indistinct) an hour ago.
TRACON: Yeah, one just a moment ago.
NY Center: No shit.

44. 090234 AA11 Jones thought some planes as in plural
Boston Center: Hey Tony, are you still there?
Herndon Center: Yes I am, Terry.
Boston Center: Tony? I'm going to reconfirm with, ah, with downstairs, but ah, the ah, as far as the tape, But, Bobby Jones seemed to think that the guy said that we have planes. Now I don't know if it was because of the accent, or if there's more than one. But, ah, I'm gonna, I'm gonna reconfirm that for ya, ah, and I'll get back to you real quick, ok?
Herndon Center: Appreciate it.
[Background] Unknown: And what?
Boston Center: Planes, as in plural.

45. 090322 AA11 Another One Just Hit
Boston Center: Tony, it sounds like, we're talking to New York, that there's another one aimed at the World Trade Center.
Herndon Center: There's another aircraft?
Boston Center: A second one just hit the Trade Center.
Herndon Center: Ok, yeah, we've gotta get the, we've got to alert the military real ah, ah quick on this, ah
[Background Boston Center] Jones: Another, another airplane just crashed into the other tower.
Herndon Center: Do we know what type Terry?
Boston Center: No. We just got that report from, ah, from New York Center.
Herndon Center: Alright, alright, we're standing by.

46. 0904 Boston stops all airplanes
Boston Center: Tony, we're gonna stop everybody, we're gonna shut, we're gonna shut Boston down, I'd suggest the same elsewhere.
Herndon Center: You're gonna do what Terry?
Boston Center: We're shutting the airplanes down, we're not letting anyone go, right now.
Herndon Center: That's a good move, uh, we're waitin to hear from security.
[Background] Unknown: (Indistinct).

47. 090608 AA11 Confirmed on Tape We Have Planes Line
Boston Center: Tony, Terry, it's confirmed on that tape that they said we have planes.

48. 090401 Ground Stop Boston
Boston Center: We're gonna stop everybody, we?re gonna shut, we're gonna shut Boston down, I'd suggest the same elsewhere.
Herndon Center: You're gonna do what?
Boston Center: We're shutting the airplanes down, we're not letting anyone go, right now.
Herndon Center: That's a good move.
Boston Center: We're putting a ground stop on everything. Ah, there's a second plane that just hit the World Trade Center.
Herndon Center: Stop all departures out of the center, please.
Boston Center: Yeah, that's what we're doing.

49. 090713 ATCSCC ACARS Increase Security Internationals
Herndon Center: Terry go ahead?
Boston Center: Ah, is there a way, or, to try to get messages to the airborne aircraft to increase sec—ah, security to the cockpit, or something, the ACARS or something?
[Background] Unknown: I?d just as soon not have anyone else up there, that can—
Boston Center: We got internationals that are comin? into the vicinity. We're trying to talk to them but we don't want to, ah, scare anybody, but we want the ah, we're talking about possibly making some, ah, transmissions on frequency for these guys coming overseas to just ah, you know increase the security for cockpit operations.
Herndon Center: Yeah, Terry, we're getting a lot of traffic on this bridge, I, I copied that, let's keep doing that, ah, contact to the  Command Center, the ATA rep, see if we can get the airline company operations to contact their aircraft. I'd recommend, ah, maybe,
possibility of the stuff coming in from overseas, Bangor as an alternate site, but leave that up to them.
Boston Center: Yeah, we'll leave it up to them, but we're also gonna let them know to increase the security for cockpit access.
Herndon Center: Alright, ah, that sounds like a good plan.

50. 090933 Cockpit Security D2431 and ZBW 31R Tape
Cape Sector: Delta 2431, ah we have a message for you to heighten your cockpit security, ah, due to some activity this morning.
D2431: Ok. Does, and that is from, ah, company?
Cape Sector: Negative, ah, it is a general advisory to all aircraft ah this morning. An aircraft hit the World Trade Center, it had been hijacked, and we're receiving reports that there may have been a second one.
D2431: Ok, thank you very much. Was it a domestic carrier that was, ah, hijacked?
Cape Sector: It was an American Airlines aircraft.
D2431: Ok, thank you.

51. 091042 Cockpit Security ZBW Advises 3 more planes
US1168: Boston, good morning US 1168 checking in, ah, two eight oh.
Cape Sector: (Indistinct) sixty eight, Boston Center good morning. Did you copy advisory to heighten your cockpit security, cockpit awareness?
US1168: Ah, negative, sir, say again.
Cape Sector: (Indistinct) sixty eight, uh, all FAA facilities are advising all air carriers to heighten their cockpit awareness. There's been at least one hijack this morning and possibly two
US1168: Ok, roger 1168, we copy, and just, ah, to confirm that was an airliner that crashed into the World Trade Center?
Cape Sector: That's what we understand, possibility of two.
US1168: Ok, thank you, sir, good morning.
Cape Sector: USAIR 2047, did you copy this?
USAIR2047: Affirmative, thank you.
Southwest1029: Boston Center, good morning. Southwest 1029, flight level three two zero, ah, climbing to three five zero, and we copy all the reports
Cape Sector: Southwest 1029 (indistinct).

52. 091532 Boston Cockpit Security
Herndon: Command Center East
Boston Center: Boston. Listen, ah, both of these aircraft departed Boston, both were seven sixes, both heading to LA, and I'm lookin? out on the TSD and I think that all departures out of Boston should have heightened cockpit security. Is there any way you can bring up every center in the country and relay that message so that they can tell the aircraft that are, ah, out there flying right now to increase the cockpit security vigilance on this day?
Herndon: I'll get the message out.
Boston Center: Thank you very much.

53. 090230 NEADS Notified of UA175
ID Tech 1: Huntress ID, unsecure line. Yes sir, go ahead. What time sir? That'll be all sir. Thank you.
Sr. ID Tech: They had a second possible hijack.
ID Tech 2: United 175?
ID Tech 1: One seven five. What is it?
ID Tech 2: United one seven five is the other aircraft, mode 3, three three two one. Who were you talking to?
ID Tech 1: I was talkin? to New York.

54. 090727 Panta Over Manhattan Some Kind of Play
Nasypany: Ok, Foxy, this is what, this is what I foresee that we probably need to do. We need to talk to FAA. We need to tell 'em if this stuff is going to keep on going we need to take those fighters put 'em over Manhattan. Ok?
Unknown: Sir
Nasypany: That's the best thing, that's the best play right now. So, coordinate with FAA [background indistinct] tell 'em if there's more out there, which we don't know, let's get 'em over Manhattan, at least we got some kind of play.

55. 090830 Langley Battle Stations not Scramble
Nasypany: OK, this is what I got goin?. Tell Foxy to scramble Langley, send 'em in same location
Nasypany: Battle, battle stations or scramble? Battle stations only at Langley. Ok, this is, ah who's up there? OK, are you listening? What I told the SD so far we need to get those fighters over Manhattan cuz' we don't know how many guys are out of Boston, could be two, could be more.
Nasypany: I don't know, just in case. Not down in Whiskey one oh five where they, where FAA wants to hold them. We need to be more (indistinct) and stick 'em, you know.
[Background] Military Controller Unknown: (Indistinct).
Nasypany: We're workin' it (indistinct). Yeah, so this is, yeah, OK? Yeah, well, we can't they're in ah FAA airspace. Well we can, we can. Yeah, they're ours. (Indistinct) they're mine.

56. 090925 Langley BS Norfolk Tower
Powell: Giant Killer.
Giant Killer: Giant Killer's on.
Powell: This is Huntress placing Quit two five, two six on battle stations, time one three one zero, authenticate charlie victor, that is Quit two five two six on battle stations all parties acknowledge with initials. Command post.
Powell: Langley.
Langley: (Indistinct).
Powell: Tower.
Tower: (Indistinct).
Powell: How about command post?
Command Post: (Indistinct).
Powell: O D C, say again?
Giant Killer: Giant Killer is out
Powell: No, the female who was that?
Unknown: (Indistinct) needed?
Powell: No, you're cleared to drop. Giant Killer you're cleared to drop. Tower you're cleared to drop.

57. 085634 AA77 ZID Attempts to contact
Indianapolis Center: American 77, Indy.
AC579: Indianapolis Center, uh, good morning. Air Canada 579 with you. Three five zero for three nine zero.
Indianapolis Center: Air Canada 579, Indy Center, roger.
Indianapolis Center: American 77, Indy.
Indianapolis Center: American 77, American, Indy.
Indianapolis Center: American 77, American, Indy, radio check, how do you read?
Indianapolis Center: American, ah, 77, American, radio check, how do you read?
[Dial tone]
Unknown: This is, ah, Dacos.
Indianapolis Center: This is, ah, Henderson, American 77, I don't know what happened to him. I'm trying to [background (indistinct)] plane took a turn to the south, and, and now I'm ah, I don't know what altitude he's at or what he's doing, (indistinct) headed towards Falmouth at thirty five.
Unknown: Ok, just let me know.
Indianapolis Center: Ok, I'll try to get a hold of him. Thanks.
Indianapolis Center: American 1023 contact Indy Center on one two three point seven seven, good day.
AA1023: Twenty three seventy seven, American 1023, good day.
Indianapolis Center: USAIR 1751 descent and maintain flight level three five zero.
USAir1751: Ah, 1751, descend to three five zero.
Indianapolis Center: (Indistinct) four nine Quebec Sierra cleared direct Spartansburg.
49QS: Cleared direct Spartansburg, forty nine Quebec Sierra.
Indianapolis Center: American 77, Indy, radio check, how do you read?
423: Indy, were you calling (indistinct) four twenty three?
Indianapolis Center: (Indistinct) four twenty three, negative.
Indianapolis Center: American, ah, 77, Indy Center, how do you read?
Indianapolis Center: American 77, new radio check, how do you read?
Indianapolis Center: US Air 1751, contact Indy Center on one three four point two two, good day.
USAir1751: 1751, three four two two.
Indianapolis Center: 489 Quebec Sierra contact Indy Center on one three four point two two, good day.
489QS: Three four two two, 9 Quebec Sierra good day.
Indianapolis Center: US Air 12, correction, 217, cleared direct (indistinct) mountain
USAir217: Direct (indistinct) mountain, US Air 217.
[Dial tone]
Dacos: Dacos.
Indianapolis Center: This is Henderson. Still haven't got American 77, ah, last he was at thrity five goin? to Falmouth, so I don't know where he is out there anywhere, yet, so we're still trying to get a hold of him, we contacted company.
Dacos: Ok.
Indianapolis Center: Ok.
Indianapolis Center: Flexjet 2, correct, Flexjet 423, contact Indy Center on one three four point two two, good day.
[Background] Unknown: (Indistinct) fifty nine line, ah, Cleveland.
Unknown: (Indistinct) fifty nine, Morgantown.
Indianapolis Center: American 77, Indy.
AA2493: Center, American, ah, 2493.
Indianapolis Center: American 2493, go ahead.
AA2493: Yeah, we, ah, sent a message to dispatch to have him come up on twenty twenty seven, is that what you want him to do?
Indianapolis Center: Yeah, we had him on west side of our airspace, and he went into coast, and don't have a track on him, and now's he not talking to me, so we don't know what exactly happened to him. We're trying to get a hold of him. We also contacted your company, so thanks for the help.
AA2493: Alright.

58. 085850 AA77 1st Contact AA Dispatch
American Airlines: American dispatch, Jim McDonald.
Indianapolis Center: This Indianapolis Center, we're trying to get a hold of American 77.
American Airlines: Ah, Indy, hang on one second please.
Indianapolis Center: What?
American Airlines: Hang on one second sir.
Indianapolis Center: Alright.
American Airlines: Who you tryin? to get a hold of?
Indianapolis Center: American 77.
American Airlines: Ok.
Indianapolis Center: On frequency one two zero point two seven.
American Airlines: One two zero—
Indianapolis Center: Point two seven. We were talking to him and all of a sudden it just ah—
American Airlines: Ok. Alright we'll get a hold of him for ya.
Indianapolis Center: Alright.

59. 090248 AA77 ZID 2d contact AA Dispatch
American Airlines: American dispatch, Jim McDonald.
Indianapolis Center: Yes, this is Indianapolis Center. We, ah, don't know if we talked to the same guy, about American 77.
American Airlines: Yeah, I (indistinct) called him, but I didn't get a reply back from them.
Indianapolis Center: We, we, ah, lost track control of the guy. He's in coast track, so we have, we don't really know where his target is  and we can't get a hold of him. Ah—
American Airlines: I tried.
Indianapolis Center: You guys tried him and no response?
American Airlines: No response.
[Background] Unknown: (Indistinct).
Indianapolis Center: Yeah, we have no radar contact and, ah, no communications with
him, so if you guys can try him again.
American Airlines: We're doin? it.
Indianapolis Center: Alright. Thanks a lot.
American Airlines: We're doin? it. Thank you.

60. 091154 AA77 ZID 3d Contact AA Dispatch 2d WTC Impact
American Airlines: American Dispatch, Jim McDonald.
Indianapolis Center: Indianapolis Center. Did you get a hold of American 77 by chance?
American Airlines: No sir, but we have an unconfirmed report that a second airplane hit the World Trade Center.
Indianapolis Center: Say again.
American Airlines: You know we lost American 11, to a hijacking, so, American was up, ah, a Boston to Los Angeles flight.
Indianapolis Center: It was, alright, I can't really, I can't hear what you're saying there. Did you say American 11?
American Airlines: Yes. We were hijacked.
Indianapolis Center: (Indistinct).
American Airlines: It was a Boston LA flight. And 77 is a Dulles LA flight. And, ah,
we have an unconfirmed report a second airplane just flew into the World Trade Center.
Indianapolis Center: Thank you very much. Good bye.

61. 091626 AA11 AA77 ATCSCC King with Halleck AAL
King: Are you able to confirm anything within your airline to us?
Halleck: No, unfortunately, ah—
King: How about, can you tell me if we know for sure if it was American 11 that went
into the Trade Center or not?
Halleck: We think that's who it was.
King: Ok.
Halleck: And we're missing another flight also.
King: Ah, what flight are you missing?
Halleck: 77.
King: And when is the last time you knew for sure something about him?
Halleck: Ah, he was in, ah, wait a minute, well there's a, I don't know how he got up there.
King: There's a data block (indistinct)
Halleck: But 77 is up there also.
King: Ok.
Halleck: He's out of Dulles.
King: Ok, and—
Halleck: Dulles LA, and they both ah apparently have been hijacked, and 11 is we're pretty sure is in there and, and, ah, 77, we were talking to him according to Indianapolis Center
King: Uh huh.
Halleck: About 45 minutes ago, and, uh, in Indy Center.
King: Uh huh.
Halleck: I don't know he got to, to, ah, back to the Trade Center. I have no idea if, if that happened.
King: Ok. It may not have, we have another call sign, of course we don't know for sure, any of these call signs right now, but, if we find that it's your aircraft we'll certainly give you a call.
Halleck: So, ah, you have ah, you have two airplanes in the Trade Center?
King: Yes.
Halleck: And ah you don't know who either one of them are, for sure?
King: Yeah, that's true
Halleck: Ok.
King: If I did, I would share it with you.
Halleck: Ok. Thanks (indistinct).
King: Alright. Bye, Bill.

62. 093151 FAA TACNET Wrong Recap Line 5114
FAA: (Indistinct) Boston FBI.
FBI: Go ahead FBI is on.
FAA: Ok. We have two reports, preliminary information, ah, believe to be American Airlines flight 77 and flight 11, ah, collided with World Trade Center. Ah, also, a preliminary report, ah, United Airlines flight 175 off radar. Ah, no further information.
[Background] Unknown: (Indistinct) get that set up. Right. Yes
FBI: Ok. So that's American 77 and United 175?
FAA: That's correct.
FBI: Um, do we have their, ah, input of origin on both of those?
FAA: Ok, back to FBI. It?s American flight 77, second flight is 11. Ah, those are the two aircraft believed to be involved with World Trace Center. Ah, route is reported as Dulles to Los Angeles for 77 and Boston to Los Angeles for 11. United Airlines is not, ah, believed to be involved in World Trade Center at this time.
FBI: Ok. So it's American 77 and American 11?
FAA: That's, ah, that?s correct.
FBI: American 11 was Boston to LA?
FAA: Ah, that's the report I've got.
FBI: Ok, and the other one was Dulles to LA?
FAA: Dulles to LAX.
[Background] FAA: I've got, ah, ah, two flights here now. The second one was American Airlines 77.
FBI: Ok, so it's 77 and 11?
[Background] FAA: Now a Dulles to LA.
FAA: That's affirmative. The other report was regarding United 175. We had a report that it was, ah, off the radar, ah—
[Background] FAA: (Indistinct) United Airlines was not involved.
FBI: Ok, is that, ah, where was that United 175 from?
[Background] FAA: FAA Washington operations. Please be advised that calls may be monitored. Please stand by (indistinct).
FAA: Ah, we're getting conflicting reports on that, ah, FBI, on the 175.
FBI: Where did it go off radar?
[Background] Unknown: United 1, oh, 175.
FAA: Stand by please. Back to FBI. I've got a report from eastern, FAA eastern region air traffic, that it dropped off radar that it dropped over Indiana.

63. 091836 AA77 Summersall to ZID from ATCSCC ZID TMU
Indianapolis Center: Indy.
Herndon Center: Hey Indy, this is Bob, Command Center. Need you to find, tell me anything, or everything you can about American 77, where he is and if you have radar or not Indianapolis Center: Well, ok, I'm listening to my Ops Manager talk to Washington.
Herndon Center: I'm sorry.
Indianapolis Center: We were talking to him in the vicinity of, ah, Henderson.
Herndon Center: Henderson? What's Henderson?
Indianapolis Center: Hang on, hang on a second. Ok. We, ah, I guess we were talking to him, in the vicinity of Henderson, HNN. We lost communications and radar with him. Hang on a minute, I'm going to have the Ops Manager tell ya the story.
Thomas: Hello, Command Center.
Herndon Center: Yes sir.
Thomas: This is John Thomas, Ops Manager. I think we need to let everybody know this right away, if they don't already. American 77 was over, ah, was just west of Charleston, West Virginia, at flight level three five zero, it's a heav—, heavy Boeing seven fifty two, and disappeared off our radar scope about twelve fifty six Z, a long with lost, ah, frequency. We were treating it as a lost, started to do some procedures to notify search and rescue, and what not, when—, when American Airlines told us they'd had some aircraft, or an aircraft hijacked. We now believe that aircraft may have been hijacked, although no one has, we have nothing, you know, to verify that. What with the World Trade Center we could have another loose aircraft out there somewhere.
Herndon Center: K. At the time of loss do you, ah, what altitude was he at? Flight level.
Thomas: Flight level, flight level three five zero.
Herndon Center: And he just, just lost primary, also?
Thomas: Lost all, yes lost, no primary, or ah that we could see. Course we couldn't, wouldn't necessarily be able to pick up a primary there anyway.
Herndon Center: I'm assuming then that you're, ah, doing what you can to do a primary read, re-track on him, if you can do that.
Thomas: Yes, sure.
Herndon Center: And then, ah, so at twelve fifty-six Zulu we lost front comm and radar.
Any, ah, ELTs?
Thomas: No ELTs.
Herndon Center: Ah, um, ok, ah, any more information you get, I'd appreciate it, and I'll forward this immediately up to the NOM and everyone that's standind up there.
Thomas: Thank you.
Herndon Center: Thank you, bye.
Thomas: Bye.

64. 093607 Gofer 06 Traffic to Site 757 Low Altitude
Regan National Tower Controller: Gofer zero six, traffic is eleven o'clock and five miles north bound, fast moving, type and altitude unknown.
Gofer 06: Gofer 06. We have the traffic in sight, twelve o'clock.
Regal National Tower Controller: Ah, you have the traffic, do you know what kind it is? Can you see?
Gofer 06: Looks live a seven fifty seven, sir.
Regan National Tower Controller: A seven fifty seven, can you estimate his altitude?
Gofer 06: Ah, looks like he's at low altitude right now, sir.
Regal National Tower Controller: Gofer eight six [sic], thank you.

65. 093641 Gofer 06 Vectored for Traffic
Gofer 06: That, ah, traffic for Gofer zero six is still in a descent now, and, uh, looks like he's rolled out northeast bound.
Regan National Tower Controller: Alright. Thank You.
[Background] Unknown: Swan, swan, anyone?
Regan National Tower Controller: Gofer eight six [sic] climb and maintain, ah—
[Background] Unknown: You got a military?
Regan National Tower Controller: Yeah, stand by. Gofer eight six, turn right and follow the traffic please.
Regan National Tower Controller: Gofer eight six, turn right heading zero eight zero, we're gonna vector you for the traffic.
Gofer 06: Ok, zero eight zero, Gofer zero six (indistinct)
Regan National Tower Controller: Dulles, I?m keeping Gofer eight six, um, zero six with me for a while.

66. 093800 Gofer 06 Aircraft is Down
Gofer 06: And, uh, Washington, this is Gofer zero six.
Regan National Tower Controller: Gofer zero six, go ahead.
Gofer 06: Yes sir, that aircraft is down, he?s in our twelve o'clock position, ah, look's like it's just to the northwest of the airfield at this time, sir.
Regan National Tower Controller: Gofer eight six, thank you. Descend and maintain two thousand.
Gofer 06: Ok.We are down to two thousand. And, uh, this is Gofer zero six, it looks like that aircraft crashed into the Pentagon, sir.
Regan National Tower Controller: Gofer eight six, Gofer zero six, thank you.

67. 093826 Gofer 06 ac Crashed into West Side Pentagon
Gofer 06: Understand you still want Gofer zero six to descend to two thousand sir.
Regan National Tower Controller: Gofer zero six, you can maintain three thousand and, ah, turn left heading two seven zero.
Gofer 06: Ok. Left turn to two seven zero, Gofer zero six, ah, any chance we can circle around the Pentagon, sir, on our two seven zero turn.
Regan National Tower Controller: Gofer zero six, approved as requested.
Gofer 06: Gofer zero six.
Regan National Tower Controller: Gofer, ah, zero six, ok, they're asking if you would go ahead and move away now towards the west, two seventy heading and, ah, two thousand for now.
Gofer 06: Roger, we're climbing to three thousand sir and it looks like that aircraft has impacted the west side of the Pentagon.
Regan National Tower Controller: Alright. Thank you.

68. 092100 AA11 Scoggins Still Airborne3
Scoggins: Military, Boston Center, just had a report that American 11 is still in the air and its on its way towards heading towards Washington.
ID Tech: K. American 11 is still in the air?
Scoggins: Yes.
ID Tech: On its way towards Washington?
Scoggins: It was another, evidently, another aircraft that hit the tower, that's the latest report that we have.
ID Tech: Ok.
Scoggins: I'm gonna try and confirm an ID for you, but I would assume he's somewhere over, ah, either New Jersey or somewhere further south.
ID Tech: Ok, so, American 1 isn't the hijack at all then, right?
Scoggins: No, he is a hijack.
ID Tech: He, American 11, is a hijack.
Scoggins: Yes.
ID Tech: And he's on his way towards Washington?
Scoggins: Could be a third, it could be a third aircraft.

69. 092140 Still Airborne Scramble Langley Tail Chase
[Background] Unknown: Ok, third aircraft hijacked, heading towards Washington.
Nasypany: Ok, ah, American Airlines is still airborne, 11, the first guy, he's heading toward Washington. OK, I think we need to scramble Langley right now and I'm, I'm gonna take the fighters from Otis and try to chase this guy down if I can find him.
Nasypany: Yeah
Nasypany: You sure?
Nasypany: Ok, he's heading towards Langley, or I should say Washington. American 11, the original guy, he's still airborne. We're still (indistinct) getting a—
Nasypany: We're getting a position. Got a position?
[Background] Unknown: (Indistinct) got a hijack real world, gotta go.
Nasypany: Ok.
Nasypany: Foxy, scramble Langley. Head 'em toward the Washington area.
Fox: Roger that.
Nasypany: Could be American—
[Background] Unknown: Hold on a second.
Nasypany: We're tryin? to get a code on this guy right now. We do have a tail number. It's a—
Nasypany: Uhooh, we are, it's ah, uuuuh, what was the tail number?
[Background] Unknown: Panta four five four six.
Sr. ID Tech: November three three four alpha alpha.
Nasypany: November three three four alpha alpha. If we can find him. We, we're getting, we're trying to get, we're trying to get the modes, trying to get the position on this guy. So, (indistinct) then we'll run on him.
Nasypany: Yep. Ok. Bye.
[Background] Unknown: Ok.

70. 092427 NEADS BC Update Forget Tail Chase
Nasypany: Ok, right now what we're running with out there is two by zero by two by guns for Langley, two gan— and two, ah, two tanks. Ok. Also, we have the Panta four five four six, zero by ten by two by guns, three tanks. Let me give you another head— [Background] Unknown: Try and get into a tail chase with this American one one headed toward Washington, if we can find him.
Nasypany: Three tanks, affirmative. Plus I have, ah, more stuff available if I need it from the SOF there. Also, I have a tanker, a Maine 85.
Nasypany: Ok you got the tanker, I have additional tankers out of McGuire, KC 10s. Team call sign, I'm not sure on the, ah, numbers, two two and two three. Two KC 10s. I'm sticking 'em in ah Whiskey107. Yeah, and did you get the word that Langley got scrambled.
[Background] Unknown: Go ahead, sir.
Nasypany: Yes
Background: OK, we couldn't find the position on the airplane
Nasypany:: They just got scrambled about, ah, two minutes ago. No, that's Ok.
[Background] Unknown: FO. FO says forget the tail chase, even though we couldn't find him.
Nasypany: Yeah, great, that's great.

71. 092847 AA11 ID Summary call to Unknown
ID Tech: Hi, this is Huntress calling, umm, I was told to give you a buzz for our, our Mission Crew Commander. Any information? I guess three aircraft out of Boston are missing and apparently two of them have hit the World Trade Center and one is enroute to Washington, did you get that information?
ID Tech: Yeah.
ID Tech: American one one is not the aircraft that crashed, it is still airborne, did you get that information?
ID Tech: That's what we just found out
ID Tech: We don't know where it is though, it's headed toward Washington, was the last known information.
Sr. ID Tech: Washington better get on the loop.
ID Tech: Right, and I don't know but somebody's gotta get the President going. This is not good.
[Background] Sr. ID Tech: They'd better start looking for this guy.
ID Tech: Ah, yeah, we just hung up. I'm not going to say too much right now, but, ah, I wanted to give you a heads up. Ah, do you have any information though where American one one is, or anything?
Sr. ID Tech: See this guy, they, Boston is the only one giving us any kinds of decent, freaking input.
ID Tech: Just want to, just want to say one more thing, too, ah, Washington, I don't know if they don't think this is serious, or not, but they are not, unless they hear from like the centers. If you could give them a heads up and let them know that this is—
ID Tech: Washington Center, they're not really, not at all, ok sir?
Sr. ID Tech: We've got to get a point out on that American Airlines.
[Background] Unknown: We do, we've got it on Langley scrambled.
ID Tech: Boston is calling Washington right now.
Sr. ID Tech: They got him?
[Background] Unknown: I don't know if he's on him yet, but Langley is scrambled to intercept (indistinct) and headed for Washington (indistinct) the fighters over (indistinct)
ID Tech: (Indistinct) I just talked to them.
Sr. ID Tech: And I'd have the President airborne, wherever.
Sr. ID Tech: What's up?
ID Tech: Uh, Boston has no clue where they are and he's going let Washington Center know that this is very serious.
Sr. ID Tech: Good.
ID Tech: (Indistinct).
Sr. ID Tech: Yeah, fuckin?—
ID Tech: So.
Sr. ID Tech: Hey—
[Background] Unknown: American Airlines headed toward DC (indistinct)
ID Tech: I do, I lat long—
Sr. ID Tech: Hey, anybody good at math? Take a lat, last lat long and they were doing two hundred and ninety knots.
ID Tech: Did you get the third call sign?
Sr. ID Tech: Headed toward Washington.
Sr. ID Tech: The Z point that was the American Airlines one.
Sr. ID Tech: No, our first our first Z point, yeah, that was the American Airlines, that was our lat long on him.
[Dial tone]

72. 093212 AA11 AA77 ID Summary ZDC loss of AA77
ID Tech: Open line.
ID Tech: Huntress ID, unsecure line.
Washington Center: Huntress ID, this is Washington Center, the Operations Manager, ah—
ID Tech: Go ahead sir.
Washington Center: Ok, I guess you'd called here a couple of times, you never talked to me, but if there's anything you need, or  anything I can help you with, let, let me know what it is right now please.
ID Tech: Ok, ah, do you want me to let you know what we have going on, sir?
Washington Center: I would, yes, well I have a pretty good idea, but yes.
ID Tech: Ok, there are three aircraft missing out of Boston. We spoke to Boston, and they said they're not sure of the third aircraft call sign but they do have two, one of them is United one seven five.
Washington Center: Uh huh.
ID Tech: And one is American one one. They thought that the American one one was the aircraft that crashed into the World Trade Center with the United one seven five. However, American one one is not the aircraft that crashed. He said the pilot on American one one was talking to him, having a rough time telling him what's going on, there was threats in the cockpit being made. This was the initial, ah, hijack information that we got, American one one, it's a seven sixty seven, from Boston to Los Angeles. Proposed route he was headed towards JFK at the time that they lost contact, but that was not the aircraft headed ah into the World Trade Center, that hit it.
Washington Center: Ok.
ID Tech: What Boston?s saying, he, the last known, and I'm not sure where we heard it, through the grapevine, people calling, is that American one one was headed toward Washington, and that's the only thing.
Washington Center: Was headed toward where?
ID Tech: Washington.
Washington Center: Ok.
ID Tech: So, your AOR, and I just wanted to give you a heads up.
Washington Center: Ok, now—
ID Tech: The last—
Washington Center: Ok. Go ahead.
ID Tech: The last lat long that we had, primary target only, was four zero three eight north, zero seven four zero three west on American one one.
Washington Center: Ok.
ID Tech: But again, remember nothing has been confirmed as far as which aircraft have hit the World Trade Center but the other one we have is information headed towards Washington.
Washington Center: Ok, now let me tell you this; I, we?ve been lookin?, we also lost American 77.
ID Tech: American 77.
Sr. ID Tech: Ok, American 77 lost.
ID Tech: Where was he proposed to head, sir?
Washington Center: Excuse me.
ID Tech: Where was he proposed to head?
Sr. ID Tech: American 77.
Washington Center: Ok, he was going to LA also.
Sr. ID Tech: He was going to LA.
ID Tech: He was goin? to LA.
Washington Center: Now, uh—
ID Tech: From where, sir?
Washington Center: Ah, I think he was from Boston, also.
Sr. ID Tech: Boston to LA.
Washington Center: Now let me tell you this story here. Ah, Indy, Indianapolis Center
was workin? this guy—
ID Tech: What guy?
Washington Center: American 77.
ID Tech: Ok.
Washington Center: At flight level three five zero, however—
[Background] Sr. ID Tech: (Indistinct).
Washington Center: They lost radar with him, they lost contact with him, they lost everything and they don't have any idea where he is or what happened. So what we've done at the round—surrounding centers here is to tell everyone to look out for limited codes, primary targets or whatever the case may be.
ID Tech: Ok.
Washington Center: And that was the last time, that was about fifteen minutes ago, since I talked to the Indianapolis Center, ah,  Operations Manager
ID Tech: Do you have a type aircraft sir?
Washington Center: That was a seven sixty seven I believe.
Sr. ID Tech: Seven sixty seven.
ID Tech: Ok, and, ah, right, so I don?t call Indianapolis unless I have to—
Washington Center: Somebody else is talking. I'm sorry. I can?t hear you in background.
ID Tech: Umm, all I need is the lat long, last known position of the seven sixty seven.
Washington Center: Well I don?t know, that was Bos— that was Indy Center. But they said somewhere, it was, last time I talked to 'em they said that it was East of York, and I don't even know what state that is.
ID Tech: Ok, sir, well I'm going to go ahead and just give them a call.
Washington Center: Ok.
ID Tech: Thank you, sir.
Washington Center: Thanks.

73. 093536 AA77 Scoggins VFR 6 Miles
ID Tech: Huntress ID, Sgt (indistinct) how can I help you?
Scoggins: Our latest report the aircraft VFR six miles southeast of the White House.
ID Tech: Six miles southeast of the White House?
Scoggins: Yep. East. He's moving away.
ID Tech: Southeast of the White House?
Scoggins: Aircraft is moving away.
ID Tech: He's moving away from the White House?
Scoggins: Yeah.
ID Tech: Ok, but, what, he was a DVFR?
Scoggins: We believe just, we just know it's a VFR aircraft, we?re not sure who he is, ah, if you want to hold on a second. We got—
ID Tech: Ok, copy.
Scoggins: We have people down there lookin?.
ID Tech: Ok, copy.
Scoggins: Where was that position?
Scoggins: Six, six southwest, six southwest of the White House deviating away.
ID Tech: Deviating away, you don't have a type aircraft, you don't know who he is?
Scoggins: Nothing, nothing.
ID Tech: It's a DVFR?
Scoggins: We?re in Boston, so I have no clue. Hopefully someone in Washington would have a better, information for you.
ID Tech: Ok.
Scoggins: Is this a good number to keep calling?
ID Tech: Yeah. This is a great number to keep calling.
Scoggins: Ok, all right.
ID Tech: Washington, Ok. So it's six miles. You guys have him primary target only?
Scoggins: We just have a telcon. We don?t have any target at all up here, we're just on a telcon. We just heard that and wanted to make sure you got that information.
ID Tech: Ok, can you do me a favor and go ahead and fill, uh, Bo— umm Washington in on this?
Scoggins: I'll try and give 'em a call. I don't have a number for them.
ID Tech: Ok, I'll give you a good number, then. Washington's number is, nine
Scoggins: What is it?
ID Tech: Ok, the number DSN is xxx-xx
Scoggins: And what was New York's?
ID Tech: New York number that we?ve got for them is ah, x-xxx
Scoggins: Oh, so you don't have a DSN?
ID Tech: No, I don't have a DSN for New York, we have a shout line.
Scoggins: Ok, I have that already.
ID Tech: Ok.
Scoggins: They do have a DSN, I just don?t (indistinct).
ID Tech: (Indistinct) on the DVFR, sir, that was six miles?
Scoggins: No, no information at all. You would be better talking with Washington.
ID Tech: I'm sorry, sir, is it a deviating aircraft or is it a DVFR?
Scoggins: Ok, that's what you have?
ID Tech: No, no sir, on the one that was six miles southeast of the White House?
Scoggins: Yeah, southwest.
ID Tech: Southwest?
Scoggins: Yeah, southwest.
ID Tech: Ok, southwest of the White House. Was he a DVFR? Or you don't have any codes on it, but was he an actual deviating aircraft?
Scoggins: We believe, he, I guess, yes, they believe now he was a deviating aircraft.
ID Tech: (Indistinct) believe that he is a deviating aircraft.
Scoggins: Yeah.
ID Tech: Ok, copy.
Scoggins: You'd get more out of Washington than you would from me.
ID Tech: Ok, copy.
Scoggins: Ok.
ID Tech: Copy.
Scoggins: I?m just passing information.
ID Tech: Ok.

74. 093836 AA77 ID call to ZDC Boston Space Don?t Know Anything
Washington Center: Washington.
ID Tech: Washington, Huntress, ah, Boston just called us. They said they had information about some aircraft that was six miles southwest of the White House that appeared to be deviating.
Washington Center: Boston does?
ID Tech: Boston called and said that I'd have to get the information from you on it. They don't have a call sign for the aircraft. They don't have any codes for the aircraft. They just know that there's one that was six miles southwest of the White House.
Washington Center: Ok, well Boston's airspace doesn't even come close to that, I don't know how they got that information, but ah, we don't— hey— Ok, we, we don't know anything about that.
ID Tech: Ok, you don't know anything about that.
Washington Center: No, we do not and it's probably just a rumor, but ah, you might want to call ah, ah, National or Andrews somebody, somewhere like that and find out, but we don't any thing about that.
ID Tech: Copy thanks.
Washington Center: Ok, Bye.
ID Tech: Bye.

75. 093621 Langley DirectDC AFIO Monster Mash
Nasypany: Near the White House, Jesus, Fox.
Unknown: That came from Boston?
SGT Huckabone: We're going to turn and burn and crank it up, ok, here we go, this is what we're gonna do here.
Nasypany: Sir, we've got an aircraft (indistinct) east of the White House right now.
SGT Huckabone: The monster mash.
Nasypany: Ok.
Unknown: What happened?
Unknown: From FAA?
Unknown: Is that airline right now?
Nasypany: Run 'em.
Radio transmission: Team two one, do you us want relay?
Nasypany: Authorizing AFIO, right now? You want to authorize it?
Background: I can't get through.
Radio transmission: Yeah, we're hearing him loud and clear
Unknown: What?re we doing?
Background: Going direct DC with our guys
Nasypany: AFIO?
[Background] Unknown: (Indistinct) him right now.

76. 0939 MCC Windows Break Push Back
Nasypany: Ok, (indistinct), if need be. I don't care how many windows you break.
Unknown: Langley had them (indistinct) in three eight six.
Nasypany: Why'd they go up there?
Unknown: Because Giant Killer sent them out there.
Nasypany: God damn it.
Nasypany: Ok. Pat, push 'em back.

77. 132230 (092330) Langley Scramble Norfolk Tower
Klaxon sounds
Huntress: Langley Command Post.
Langley Command Post: Langley Command Post on.
Powell: Alright, this is Huntress with an active air defense scramble for Quit two five and two six, I repeat an active air defense scramble for Quit 25, 26. Scramble immediately, time one three two four, authenticate, bravo x-ray, scramble on a heading of zero one zero, flight level two niner zero. Contact Huntress on frequency two three four decimal six and back up three six four decimal two. Do all parties  acknowledge with
initials, Langley Command Post?
Langley Tower: (Indistinct).
Langley Command Post: Command Post.
Unknown: (Indistinct).
Powell: Three six four decimal two.
Unknown: (Indistinct) copy.
Powell: Giant Killer copy?
Norfolk Approach: (Indistinct) copy.
Powell: (Indistinct) if you have any questions give me a call me on the land line.
Langley Command Post: Ok.

78. 093100 Langley What Heading would like hand off Giant Killer
Quit 25: (Indistinct) Norfolk Departure, Quit 25 is with, ah, on approach one five for two nine oh, friendly heading.
Norfolk Approach: Quit 25, Norfolk Approach, roger. Ah, maintain flight level, ah, two three zero for now. What heading would you like, sir?
Norfolk Approach: Quit 25, if you can go east bound, heading, ah, maintain flight level two three zero.
Norfolk Approach: Quit 25, Norfolk approach, how do you hear?
Quit 25: (Indistinct).
Quit 25: Norfolk, Quit 25 is with you climbing to twelve thousand for two three oh
Norfolk Approach: Quit 25 Norfolk Approach have you loud and clear, how me?
Quit 25: I gotcha loud and clear now.
Norfolk Approach: Quit 25, roger. Have your third man squawk four six zero zero.
Quit 25: Will do.
Norfolk Approach: Quit 25, you going direct to the Langley zero nine zero and six zero, is that where you're going
Quit 25: Affirmative. (Indistinct). That is our second clearance. We had an earlier clearance of a vector and an altitude.
Norfolk Approach: Quit 25, roger.
Norfolk Approach: Giant Killer, two fifty six, Quit 25.
Giant Killer: Giant Killer's on.
Norfolk Approach: Flight of three, third man's squawking right now.
Norfolk Approach: They are direct to the Langley ninety at sixty, climbing at two three oh
Giant Killer: He's radar.
Norfolk Approach: Quit 25, contact Giant Killer on two three eight point one
Giant Killer: Copy two thirty eight point one, Quit push.

79. 093927 D1989 ID Scoggins 3d ac is D1989
Richmond: Sergeant Richmond, unsecure line, how may I help you?
Scoggins: Colin Scoggins, Boston Center military.
Richmond: Yes sir.
Scoggins: Third aircraft, Delta 1989.
ID Tech Unknown: Ok.
ID Tech Unknown: Delta 1989.
Richmond: Ok. Type aircraft?
Scoggins: Type aircraft?
Richmond: Yes sir.
Scoggins: Code, did I give you a code?
Richmond: Yes, give me the code.
Scoggins: One three zero four, presently due south of Cleveland.
Richmond: Ok. Presently due south of Cleveland.
Scoggins: Heading westbound destination Las Vegas.
Richmond: Heading westbound destination Las Vegas.
ID Tech Unknown: And is this one a hijack sir?
Scoggins: We believe it is.
ID Tech Unknown: You believe it is.
Richmond: And are they gonna to squawk hijack?
Scoggins: I don't know, I don't know, they, it's squawking thirteen oh four now if you want to try to track him up.
ID Tech Unknown: Ok, and the type aircraft is what sir?
Scoggins: Ah, do we have a type aircraft on that Delta?
Scoggins: Delta 1989. I think he's on there.
Scoggins: Seven sixty seven.
Richmond: Seven sixty seven.
Scoggins: And altitude?
Richmond: Yes please.
Scoggins: Three five oh.
ID Tech Unknown: And where did he take off out of sir?
Scoggins: He took off out of Boston.
ID Tech Unknown: Boston?
Scoggins: Yeah. We're goin to try and get you a tail number on that if you want to get someone up there.
Richmond: Alright. Copy that.
ID Tech Unknown: Do you, uh, by any chance know how many souls on board?
Colin Scoggins: Ah, no, we don't have that information
ID Tech Unknown: You don't have any of that?
Richmond: There he is.
ID Tech Unknown: Copy that. Thank you sir.
Richmond: Do you want me to (indistinct). I?m going to make (indistinct).
Scoggins: We're going to try and get you a tail number.
Richmond: Ok. Thanks. Bye.
[Background] Sr. ID Tech: Hey, we have a Delta.

80. 094232 D1989 ID Alert Call to ZID
Indianapolis Center: Indy Center.
ID Tech Unknown: Ah, Indianapolis Center, Huntress, reference Delta eight nine, do you know anything, information about that aircraft? I want to give you a heads up this is another hijack aircraft.
Indianapolis Center: Uh huh.
ID Tech Unknown: Boston to Las Vegas. He?s on a mode 3 of one three zero four, we do have contact via—
Indianapolis Center: What was the number again, Delta?
ID Tech Unknown: Delta eight nine, its a seven sixty seven out of Boston.
Indianapolis Center: Uh huh.
ID Tech Unknown: Heading to Vegas and he?s on a mode 3 of one three zero four, I have an exact lat long, if you need it.
Indianapolis Center: Go ahead.
ID Tech: Lat long
Indianapolis Center: (Indistinct) 89 quick.
ID Tech Unknown: Four one two one north.
Indianapolis Center: Uh huh.
ID Tech Unknown: Zero eight two one five west.
Indianapolis Center: Ok.
ID Tech Unknown: And if they give you a head's up, that's all we have right now, but he is confirmed hijack.
[Background] Unknown: (Indistinct).
Indianapolis Center: Ok. We're not showing him in our system at this point, you are tracking him you say?
ID Tech: We have him on the radar, sir, but he is headed your way.
Indianapolis Center: He is headed our way?
ID Tech: Delta eight nine.
[Background] Unknown: (Indistinct).
Indianapolis Center: Boston to LAS, right?
ID Tech Unknown: LAX?
Indianapolis Center: LAX?
ID Tech Unknown: I've got Vegas, sir. Whatever Vegas is.
Indianapolis Center: Oh, LAS. Ok, Las Vegas. Ok, 'cause we're not showing him in the system anywhere.
ID Tech Unknown: OK, he's on a, do you have like mode 3 capability or anything?
Indianapolis Center: He's one a one three zero four code?
ID Tech Unknown: Correct, correct.
Indianapolis Center: Ok, we'll bring that up.
ID Tech Unknown: Alright sir.
Indianapolis Center: Ok. Thanks.
Sr. ID Tech: We got Duluth on?

81. 094452 D1989 ID Alert Call to ZOB
Cleveland Center Male: Cleveland Military, Dukelin.
ID Tech Unknown: Cleveland Center, Huntress ID. Ah, we are obviously having, ah, a pretty bad situation going on with aircraft. I wanted to give you a heads up.
Cleveland Center Male: Ah, did they get into the, ah, hold on please. Ok, go ahead.
ID Tech Unknown: Yes sir. Delta airlines eight niner is a hijack headed, it is in your sector currently right now. Mode 3 one three zero four, we're not sure of his intentions, and we had—
Cleveland Center Male: Hold on, hold on, I, ah, want you to talk to ah—
ID Tech Unknown: Go ahead sir. Transfer me out.
Cleveland Center Female: Hello.
ID Tech Unknown: Hello, this is Huntress ID, I wanted to give you a heads up in your center. Currently, we have Delta eight niner, it's a seven sixty seven, out of Boston, headed for Las Vegas, last known, now a confirmed hijack on a mode 3 of one three zero four.
Cleveland Center Female: Ok.
ID Tech Unknown: And, he is in your center. As you know, we have about five aircraft, currently, that are missing out of Boston, two of 'em, ah, into the World Trade Center and now Washington, ah, has confirmed near the White House. So, this apparently is pretty
serious. This is Delta eight niner, I'm not sure where his intentions are, but if you have any—oh, I?m sorry, one nine eight nine. I just got now, it's one nine eight nine.
Cleveland Center Female: Nineteen eight nine is a confirmed hijack. Ok.
ID Tech Unknown: Oh, ma'am. Ok, ma'am.
Cleveland Center Female: Thank you.
ID Tech Unknown: And if there's anything that you have please call us.
Cleveland Center Female: Ok.
ID Tech: Ah, do you have our number?
Cleveland Center Female: Ah, you know what I'm gonna let you give it to someone else and I'm going to go, take care of it.
ID Tech Unknown: Ok.
Cleveland Center Male: Ok. Delta 1989 confirmed hijack, code is thirteen zero four, correct?
ID Tech Unknown: Correct. Yes.
Cleveland Center Male: Ok.
ID Tech Unknown: He's a seven sixty seven, Boston to Las Vegas.
Cleveland Center Male: He?s a seven sixty seven, Boston to Las Vegas.
ID Tech Unknown: And, apparently, ah, we're keeping an eye on this aircraft, obviously, ah, now that it's a hijack.
Cleveland Center Male: Right here, Delta 1989.
ID Tech Unknown: Ah, we've got other aircraft (indistinct).
ID Tech Unknown: If you have any information, I'd like to give you a number to call.
Cleveland Center Male: Ok, go ahead.
ID Tech Unknown: xxx-xxx-xxx, that's the Mission Crew Commander.
Cleveland Center Male: Ok, and who would that be?
ID Tech Unknown: Major Nasypany.
Cleveland Center Male: Major Nasickaney?
ID Tech Unknown: Nasypany.
Cleveland Center Male: Nasypany.
ID Tech Unknown: Alright sir?
ID Tech Unknown: If there's any deviation whatsoever from the, ah—
Cleveland Center Male: Ok, and, uh, you said you're tracking him right now. Well, we are too.
ID Tech Unknown: We have him on radar, sir, ah, that's about all right now.
Cleveland Center Male: Ok.
ID Tech Unknown: We have all of our fighters out over the other aircraft.
Cleveland Center Male: All right you, uh, you've sent fighters out?
ID Tech Unknown: Negative on the Delta, ah, one nine eight nine. Let me just check with the Mission Crew Commander.
Cleveland Center Male: Ok.
ID Tech Unknown: Joe, Cleveland Center is wondering if there are any aircraft after the Delta 1989?
[Background] Unknown: We are trying to get some aircraft up right now, we can't find—
ID Tech Unknown: We are in the process of trying to get some aircraft up right now sir.
Cleveland Center Male: Ok, could you please get back to me, ah, if you do launch the aircraft out there, please?
ID Tech Unknown: I certainly will.
Cleveland Center Male: Ok. Thank you.
ID Tech Unknown: Watch for any deviations and call us if you see it, sir.
Cleveland Center Male: I understand.

82. 094241 AA11 D1989 ID Scoggins Extended Discussion
ID Tech Unknown: Ok, so you don?t know who the one, what?s the third, ok, what's the third one, the third aircraft, you guys don't know who—
Scoggins: We believed it was Delta 1989. However, when we asked him to respond to ACARS to land at Cleveland he said he would. So, therefore, I don't know if ah, ah—
ID Tech Unknown: And that's the one that they—
Scoggins. I don?t know if he is a hijack or not. I really don?t know.
ID Tech Unknown: Ok.
Scoggins: I can't confirm that he is.
ID Tech Unknown: Ok. Do you remember when we were talking about, ah, the, the aircraft by, you guys have any idea who that aircraft was by, ah—
Scoggins: By the White House?
ID Tech Unknown: Yeah.
Scoggins: We thought for some reason to believe it was American 11. I don't know if we heard that from somebody else, that they got a visual on him that it was American Airlines or what. We just don't know. So, we don't know, ah, which aircraft that was. So, we have three call signs, we don't know what the third call sign is yet. So, we have two aircraft in the towers, and one in the Pentagon and we don't know what that third call sign was.
ID Tech Unknown: You don't know what the third call sign was?
Scoggins: No, we originally thought Delta 1989 was it. But now we have a third (indistinct), possibly four aircraft. Are you, are you still tracking Delta 1989?
ID Tech Unknown: Yes, sir, we still are. What—
Scoggins: Is he descending into Cleveland, appear to be?
ID Tech Unknown: Right now, no. He's at, he's at twenty eight thousand feet, three hundred ninety six knots, still squawking his code.
Scoggins: Still squawking?
ID Tech Unknown: Yeah, it looks like he's by Toledo.
Scoggins: By Toledo. Doesn't look like he's landing?
ID Tech Unknown: No.
Scoggins: Ok. Ah—
ID Tech Unknown: No, he's at twenty seven thousand feet.
Scoggins: At twenty seven?
ID Tech Unknown: Yeah.
Scoggins: Oh. Then he is—
Sr. ID Tech: Sir.
Scoggins: Yeah.
Sr. IT Tech: Excuse me. I?m sorry, where would he be right now if he was, ah, going to be landed in Cleveland, would he be descended?
Scoggins: He would be descended now.
Sr. ID Tech: He would be descended and, and speed would be slowing?
Scoggins: Speed would be slowing.
Sr. ID Tech: Oh, looks like he's not gonna go there.
Scoggins: Doesn't look like he's going to Cleveland?
Sr. ID Tech: Nope. Ok. Yep.

83. 095934 NEADS MCC What Are We Going To Do
Nasypany: We got, uh, well here's the deal.
Nasypany: Uh, (indistinct) they just did a quick turn, they got no weapons. They just did a strafing run up to the range, they blew all their load.
Nasypany: Yeah, I know. But we got two, they're loitering, and we are gonna send them down to do investigations.
Nasypany: Two from Selfridge are airborne already. I got two more from Toledo. This, that special track is over, ah, the, what do you call it, over the lake right now.
Nasypany: So what are we going to do with it, if it is it?
Nasypany: What are we going to do? I gotta give my guys directions.

84. 0959 NEADS to ZBW D1989 Not Hijack
ID Tech Unknown: (Indistinct). Reference that Delta 1989.
Scoggins: Yes.
ID Tech Unknown: Cleveland talked to them, they talked to the pilot. He's not declaring emergency, but they're going ahead, I mean a hijack and land him at Cleveland for precautionary measures.
Scoggins: He's not a hijack.
ID Tech Unknown: No.

85. 1003 ID Techs notify ZID about D1989
Indianapolis Center: Indy Center.
ID Tech Unknown: Hi, Huntress ID calling. I wanted to give you a heads up on the Delta Airlines one nine eight niner that was in Cleveland Center's AOR. He was giving you the information that he was a hijacked aircraft. He is not a hijacked aircraft. He's taken
precautionary measures and he's landing at Cleveland Center. However, we do have four fighters launched on that aircraft just to be sure.

86. 092556 Medex 150 Philadelphia
Cleveland Center: Medex150 and you, ah, they are taking the Philadelphia traffic right now, ah, whatever is airborne, ah, as long as they can, so, ah, hopefully we'll be able to get you in there.
Medex 150: Alright, great. Thanks. Appreciate it.
Cleveland Center: But you may still want to talk to your company and see what the alternate plans are, they've, I don't know if you've heard about the accident in the, ah, New York
Medex 150: Yeah, we just, ah, turned on the ADF to try and find out, something pretty serious up there.
Cleveland Center: Ah, yeah.

87. 0928 UA93 last normal and first trouble
Cleveland Center Controller: United 93, that traffic for you is one o?clock, twelve miles eastbound, three seven zero.
UA93: Negative contact, we?re looking, United ninety three.
UA93: Hey (indistinct yelling).
Cleveland Center Controller: Somebody call Cleveland?
AA1060: Roger American, ah, 1066, with you. We?re at three seven oh, we're, ah, slowing, ah, due to the delays if possible going eastbound.
Cleveland Center Controller: That's American 1066?
UA93: (Indistinct yelling) mayday (indistinct yelling).
Cleveland Center Controller: You got United 93?
Cleveland Center Controller 2: United 93, south of Chardon, descended.
Cleveland Center Controller: What's that?
Cleveland Center Controller 2: I just sayin? it looks like he descended there.
Cleveland Center Controller: I don't think so. United 93, verify three five zero.
Cleveland Center Controller 2. United 93, Cleveland
Cleveland Center: Go ahead (indistinct).
Cleveland Center Controller 2: Do you have United 93 south of Chardon?
Cleveland Center: We hear some funny noises we're trying to get him. Do you have him?
Cleveland Center Controller 2: No.
Cleveland Center: Thank You. United 93, Cleveland.
Cleveland Center Controller: United 1523 did you hear your company, ah, did you hear, ah, some interference on the frequency, ah, couple a minutes ago, screaming?
United1523: Yes I did seven ninety seven and, ah, we couldn?t tell what it was either.
Cleveland Center Controller: Ok. United 93, Cleveland, if you hear the center, ident.
AA1060: American 1060. Ditto on the other transmissions.
Cleveland Center Controller: American 1060, you heard that also?
AA1060: Yes sir, twice.
Cleveland Center Controller: Roger, we heard that also, thanks, just wanted to confirm it wasn?t some interference.

88. 0932 UA93 Bomb on Board
Ziad Jarrah: (Indistinct) please sit down and remain sitting. We have a bomb on board, so (indistinct).
Cleveland Center: Ah, calling Cleveland Center, you are unreadable, say again slowly.

89. 0934 UA93 moves other traffic including D1989
Unknown: Yeah, that transmission you said was unreadable, it sounded like someone said they had a bomb on board.
Cleveland Center: That?s what we thought, we, ah, we didn?t get it clear. Is that United 93 calling?
Medex150: Center, Medex 150.
Cleveland Center: Medex 150, ah, stand by if you would unless you got an emergency.
Medex150: Standing by.
Cleveland Center: Roger. US Air 2542 Cleveland on one twenty five point four two.
USAIR2542: 2542 US Air Cleveland.
[Background] Unknown: Indistinct.
Cleveland Center: ExecJet 956 that aircraft we believe was transmitting is twelve o'clock one five miles turn left heading two two five, I'll get you away from him.
ExecJet 956: two two five, ExecJet 956.
Cleveland Center: One six mike foxtrot fly heading one two zero, I'll get you away from that.
Fox: Flying one twenty I'm heading, Mike Fox.
Cleveland Center: 561 Alfa Charlie fly heading zero nine zero.
561AC: Zero nine zero, one alfa charlie.
Cleveland Center: Roger, American ten sixty fly heading eight niner zero
Unknown: (Indistinct).
Cleveland Center: Roger
ExecJet 956: Center, ExecJet 956, what's that traffic for us again?
Cleveland Center: Say again.
ExecJet 956: That traffic we're turning for, is that about a two to three o'clock?
Cleveland Center: It is one to two o'clock, yeah, two to three o'clock as you turn.
ExecJet 956: Alright, we've got him on TCAS, I think we got him.
Cleveland Center: He's climbing, so I want to keep everyone away from him.
ExecJet 956: Ok, I think we've got him in sight.
Cleveland Center: Delta 1989, ah, Cleveland.
D1989: Yes sir.
Cleveland Center: Delta 1989, ah, turn right to a heading of, ah, three two zero.
D1989: Alright, Delta 1989, heading three two zero.
Cleveland Center: Ok, Delta 1989, we're gonna go the other way, fly a heading of, ah, two six zero.
D1989: Alright, two six zero, Delta 1989.
Cleveland Center: Delta 1989.

90. 0939 UA93 Bomb on Board and Controller Follow-up
Ziad Jarrah: This is the Captain. I would like you all to remain seated. We have a bomb on board and are going back to the airport and have our demands, so please remain quiet.
Cleveland Center: Ok, that?s United 93 calling? United 93 understand you have a bomb on board, go ahead.
ExecJet 956: Command Center, ExecJet 956, that was the transmission.
Cleveland Center: ExecJet 956, did you understand that transmission?
ExecJet 956: Affirmative, he said there was a bomb on board.
Cleveland Center: That's what you got out of it also?
ExecJet 956: Affirmative.
Cleveland Center: Roger, United 93, go ahead.

91. 094106 UA93 lost transponder controller talks to two airplanes
Cleveland Center: United 93 do you hear Cleveland Center? Ok, American ten six and Executive 956, we just lost the target on that aircraft.
ExecJet 956: Ok. 956. We had a visual on him. Just stand by.
Cleveland Center: Do you have a visual on him now?
ExecJet 956: Ah, we did, but we lost him in the turn. We just make a quick—
Cleveland Center: I had a thirty seven aircraft right behind you on a vector also, that maybe who you saw. Do you have a visual on him now, ah, Executive 956? If you could make a turn back to two twenty heading, let me know if you could see him.
ExecJet 956: Yeah, he's still there, we got him for 956.
Cleveland Center: He's still there, ah, northwest of you about 25 miles?
ExecJet 956: Affirmative for 956.

92. 0931 CC Inventory Order
Herndon Center: Ok, stand by please.
Herndon Center: Ok, looks like I have everyone on here except Boston Center. This is the air traffic command center the TMO on duty in the West area. I need to have all traffic management units do an inventory, basically an inventory of all airborne traffic, ensure that you do not have any unusual situations or any aircraft that are not accounted for. If you have any unusual situations or unaccounted for aircraft identify them and contact us here at the Command Center.

93. 0934 UA93 ZOB Reports Bomb on Board
Cleveland Center: United 93 may have a bomb on board.
Herndon Center: Ok, United 93. Who's speaking?
Cleveland Center: Cleveland Center.
Herndon Center: Ok, Cleveland, what's his origination and destination?
[Background] Cleveland Center Unknown: Out of Newark going to San Francisco.
Cleveland Center: Out of Newark going to San Francisco. His position is, twenty, fifteen east, actually he's further than that. He's east of Dryer. His exact position is 30 miles East of Dryer.
Herndon Center: Ok. You have a transponder on this aircraft or did he go primary?
Cleveland Center: At this time he?s, ah, code one five two seven, and we still have a transponder.
Herndon Center: Ok, and can you give me any additional information as to why you believe there may be a bomb?
Cleveland Center: Ah, because he's screaming that on the frequency.
Herndon Center: Ok, very good. Anyone else? Alright, I'm disconnecting now.

94. 0934 UA93 CC report to HQ FAA
Herndon Center: We just had another report, United 93, who was in Cleveland Center's airspace, somewhere around Dyer [sic.] Intersection, just reported that they heard screaming on the frequency and the people have a bomb on board. The aircraft departed
Newark enroute to San Francisco was the report.
FAA HQ: Know what type?
Herndon Center: No, I don't have that information.
FAA HQ: Ok. We're still tracking it now, right?
Herndon Center: Correct. We're still tracking, at this time.
FAA HQ: Ok. Thanks Bud.
Herndon Center: Alright.

95. 093601 ZOB Call re want to scramble military here
Herndon Center: Command Center.
Cleveland Center: Our question here is, our aircraft that we have has climbed, turned, and is not talking to us. Ah, do we want to scramble? We have a couple of local military here?
Herndon Center: Ok, that's a decision that has to be made at a different level.
Cleveland Center: Is someone talking about it at least?
Herndon Center: What's the call sign again?
Cleveland Center: It's United 93. He's right over Cleveland.
Herndon Center: Over Cleveland now? Ok, we'll call you right back.

96. 0941 UA93 CC to HQ FAA Over Akron
Herndon Center: United 93, we spoke about him before—
FAA HQ: Yes.
Herndon Center: He is reversing course over Akron. They just lost his transponder. He?s
heading eastbound.
FAA HQ: What kind of airplane, do we know yet?
Herndon Center: Ah, just a second, seven fifty seven.
FAA HQ: Thanks buddy.
Herndon Center: The aircraft is descending.
FAA HQ: OK. He is descending.
Herndon Center: Correct.

97. 0946 UA93 CC to HQ FAA 29 minutes out

Herndon Center: Okay, United 93
FAA HQ: Go ahead
Herndon Center: Is 29 miles out of, errr, 29 minutes out of Washington DC, 29 minutes out of Washington D.C., and tracking towards it, this is the one who reversed course in Ohio.
FAA HQ: Yes. Go ahead.
Herndon Center: That's all I have.

98. 0948 UA93 CC to FAA HQ 23 minutes out
FAA HQ: Ok, the, ah, United 93 is 29 minutes out of where?
Herndon Center: Uh, he's heading toward the Washington area. He has, he was at flight level three five zero turned around at Akron, Ohio, and is tracking toward the Washington area at this time.

99. 0949 Pulling Jeff away
FAA Headquarters: All right, they're pulling Jeff away to go talk about United 93.
Herndon Center: Ah, do we wanna think about, ah, scrambling aircraft?
FAA Headquarters: Ah, (sighs) oh God, I don't know.
Herndon Center: Uh, that's a decision someone is gonna have to make probably in the next 10 minutes.
FAA Headquarters: Uh, you know everybody just left the room.

100. 0958 UA93 20 miles Johnstown
Herndon Center: United 93 is two zero miles northwest of Johnstown.
FAA HQ: Two zero miles northwest on primary?
Herndon Center: Ah, well that's a report from another aircraft.

101. 1000 UA93 Rocking Wings
Herndon Center: United 93.
FAA HQ: Yes.
Herndon Center: Was waiving his wings as he went past the V, the VFR aircraft, they don't quite know what that means. Rocking his ring—wings.
[Background] Unknown: (Indistinct).

102. 100744 UA93 Report of Black Smoke AA77 Q re Police Report
Herndon Center: Ok, there's now on that United 93.
FAA HQ: Yes.
Herndon Center: There is a report of black smoke in the last position I gave you, 15 miles south of Johnstown.
FAA HQ: Uh, from the airplane or from the ground?
Herndon Center: Uh, they're speculating it's from the aircraft, ah, who, it hit the ground. That's what they're, that's what they're speculating. It's speculation only.
[Background] FAA HQ Unknown: We're getting a preliminary report that United 93 hit the ground about 15 miles south of Johnstown, or thereabouts.

103. 100701 UA93 ZOB to NEADS Bomb on Board
ID Tech: Huntress ID, nonsecure line.
Cleveland Center: I believe I was the one talking about that Delta 1989.
ID Tech: Go ahead.
Cleveland Center: OK, well, uh, disregard that, ah, did you—
ID Tech: What we found out was that he was not a confirmed hijack, however—
Cleveland Center: Ok. I, I don't want to even worry about that right now. We've got a United 93 out here, are you aware of that, that has a, that has a bomb on board.
[Background] Sr. ID Tech: We've got three more hijacked airborne.
ID Tech: A bomb on board? And is this confirmed? Do you have a mode 3, sir?
Cleveland Center: No we lost his transponder. Um, what we want to know is did you scramble airplanes on that Delta 1989?
[Background] Sr. ID Tech: We have a bomb on board, Boston—
ID Tech: We did, out of Selfridge and Toledo, sir.
Cleveland Center: Did you, did you? Are they in the air?
ID Tech: Yes they are.
Cleveland Center: Is there any way we can get them to where this United is?

104. 100901 UA93 Negative Clearance to Shoot
Nasypany: One five two seven, mode 3, do we have a track number? 1527, ode 3 we got a track number?
Nasypany: Ok, we got a mode 3 on this, ah, United 93.
Nasypany: How close are you?
[Background] Unknown: (Indistinct).
[Background] Sr. ID Tech: (Indistinct) three nine five one north.
Nasypany: Three nine five one north.
[Background] Sr. ID Tech: Zero seven eight four six west.
Nasypany: Zero seven eight four six west.
[Background] Sr. ID Tech: This is the guy with the bomb on board.
Nasypany: Got it.
[Background] Unknown: I just got off the phone with the Colonel and he has one E3 on, that?s on its way out here (indistinct).
Nasypany: Toledo was—look for him. Hey, I need a track number.
Nasypany: Ok. Hey, Brian, ok, 2 Syracuse birds will be airborne in less than 20 minutes, any weapons?
[Background] Unknown: (Indistinct) near Pittsburg, mode 3, one five two seven.
Nasypany: We don?t know. Just press with that.
[Background] Unknown: We have any committed on the one aircraft with a bomb on it?
Nasypany: We're getting to it. We don?t know where it is, we're getting track on it.
Unknown: Pass that to weapons.
Nasypany: Yeah. Ok. Got it.
[Background] Unknown: United nine three, mode 3, one five two seven.
Nasypany: Negative, negative clearance to shoot.
Nasypany: Jaime?
[Background] Unknown: One five two seven Brian.
Nasypany: God dammit. Foxy?
Fox: I?m not really worried about code words (indistinct).
Nasypany: Fuck the code words. That's perishable information. Negative clearance to fire. ID type, tail. Hey, let your guys know also.

105. 101145 NEADS Discussion with Syracuse Cdr
Nasypany: Sir, how're you doing?
Syracuse CO: I'm doing, well, as good as can be expected. Ah, I've got guys that will be launching in about 15 minutes.
Nasypany: Appreciate it. Are they loaded?
Syracuse CO: We've got hot guns, that's all I've got.
Nasypany: Hot guns, well that that's good enough for me, for the time being. Only words I've got, I've got another aircraft with a possible bomb on board. It's in, ah, Pennsylvania, York? —approximate area.
Syracuse CO: Yeah, that's south.
Nasypany: Yeah, south of us, and there's also the possibility of another one that's possibly at Cleveland area.
Syracuse CO: Ok. You have vectors on those?
Nasypany: Not yet. Looks like one, the one, over Cleveland turned around looks like he's headin' back. The guy down at York, Pennsylvania, he's heading north, northwest.
Syracuse CO: Ok. We might be able to get those two.
Nasypany: Yeah, and the call sign for the guy in York is United 93, mode 3 of fifteen twenty seven.
Syracuse CO: Ok, doesn't help us. We can't interrogate.
Nasypany: Ok. I got, and I got this other guy out west, he's American.
[Background] Unknown: Who's that guy? Track just faded over Cleveland.
Nasypany: Excuse me. Ok, I?ve got one that just faded over Cleveland, Delta eight niner, mode 3. Uh, I know that's not going to help you, but if you're talking to FAA they might be able to help you, thirteen oh four.
Syracuse CO: Ok. When we get our guys airborne they are going to contact you on two six zero point nine, I've got two jets right now, do you need more than two?
Nasypany: Can you bring up two more?
Background Voice: Get four, sir.
Syracuse CO: Yep, yeah.
Nasypany: OK, thank you sir, and if you want to talk to Colonel, ah, Marr he is up at six four oh three, sir.
Syracuse CO: Thank you.

106. 101418 ZDC to NEADS UA93 is down
ID Tech: I also want to give you a heads up Washington.
Washington Center: Go ahead.
ID Tech: United nine three, have you got information on that yet?
Washington Center: Yeah, he's down.
ID Tech: He's down?
Washington Center: Yes.
ID Tech: When did he land?
Washington Center: He did not land.
ID Tech: He is down, down?
Washington Center: Somewhere northeast of Camp David.
ID Tech: Northeast of Camp David.
ZDC: That's the last report, they don't know exactly where.

107. 103200 Chat Log Shootdown words
Floor Leadership: You need to read this. Region Commander has declared that we can shoot down tracks if they are not responding to our, uh, directions.
MCC Position: Ok. I'll pass that to weapons.
Floor Leadership: Ok.
MCC Position: The Region Com, the Region Commander has declared that we can shoot down aircraft that do not respond to our direction. Copy that?
Weapons: Copy that sir.
MCC Position: So if you're trying to divert somebody and he won't divert—
Major Fox: D-O is saying no.
MCC Position: No? It came over the chat. Foxy, you got a conflict on that, you got a conflict on that direction?
Major Fox: Right now, no, but—
MCC Position: Ok.
Floor Leadership: Hey—
MCC Position: Ok.
Floor Leadership: You read that from the Vice President, right? The Vice President has cleared—
MCC Position: Vice President has cleared us to intercept tracks—
Floor Leadership: Of interest—
MCC Position: And shoot them down if they do not respond, per CONR CC.

108. 1051 Currently at peace
Panta One: This is Panta one, we need to confirm the ROE and also can you let us know if people are supposed to be flying right now or is the ground hold still on?
Controller: Panta one, working. Ok, Smurf, Panta is asking for current ROE what are we at? What are we at?
Background: (Indistinct) um, you can tell him right now (indistinct).
Controller: Panta One, Huntress.
Panta One: Go.
Controller: Panta One, Huntress, in the clear, currently at peace.

109. 1053 New direction coming down
Cobra One: Huntress, ah, Cobra's got about, ah, one plus thirty play time right now.
Huntress: Copy that, thank you. One plus thirty play time.
Cobra One: Apex is one plus fifty.
Huntress: Copy, thank you. Fourteen fifty three, one thirty, one fifty.
Cobra One: Huntress, ah, Cobra One.
Huntress: Go ahead.
Cobra One: Ah, if it matters, ah, Cobra and Apex, flight, ah, (indistinct) on board is, ah, hot gun only.
Huntress: Copy. Understood that from the SOF before you took off. It's better than nothin'. Uh, there's new direction comin' down, stand by. I don't have, ah, I don't have secure capability, but I'll brief you in a few minutes once they finish givin' me the word.
Cobra One: Cobra One.

110. 1053 Boston track of interest
Panta One: Zulu five five thirty BRA seventeen thousand, flanking two eight zero.
Background: Going over Boston.
Controller: Yes.
Major Fox: If you have a track of interest—
Panta One: Panta's dropping a group, BRA, ah, zero six zero (indistinct).
Controller: Hold on, they're talkin' to me right now, just a second.
Controller: Panta, Huntress, stand by one.
Controller: Ok, ok, give me what you were talkin' about.
Background: (Indistinct) I need you to give me (indistinct).
Controller: Tell me what you need to tell me.
Controller: This is for Panta One, correct, they're capping over—
Major Fox: Yes.
Controller: Boston—ok, what.
Major Fox: Any track of interest that's heading towards a major city you will ID, if you cannot diver them away from a major city, you are to confirm with me first, most likely you will get clearance to shoot.
Controller: And tell me, I have to tell them that in the clear?
Major Fox: You can tell them exactly in those words
Controller: Ok.
Background: (Indistinct).
Controller: Stand by. I gotta pass this right now.
Controller: Panta one, Huntress.
Panta One: Panta One
Controller: Panta one call all, all and any tracks of interest, verify if they were going toward a major city, mission ID, unsuccessful, divert, ask for our clearance to shoot.

111. 1102 Controller asks for kill direction
Controller: MCC, when able, ah, the kill direction, once again, I want it one more time before I tell these guys. I'm just gonna give them a brief. I'm not goin' to tell them to do nothing. I'm gonna say what, what to expect, though.
[Background] Major Fox: Just, tell 'em right now we have intercept authority only—
Cobra One: Huntress, Cobra One.
Controller: Stand by.

112. 1103 Cleared to engage
Controller: I told them our mission is to protect major centers and we're goin' to take you and drag you down to Pittsburgh, and do this, because I got a tanker comin' now. But, ah, I just want to give them an ROE because it's gonna' be auto-ops once he's down there. So
I want to make sure I got clear concise words to him before he leaves. Granted they only got four turrets of guns
[Background] Unknown: If they don't, ah, if they do not, don't respond to divert
to hand signals and divert procedures and are headed toward a major area then
you are cleared to engage.
Controller: Wilco.
Controller: Cobra and Apex, this is Huntress.
Cobra One: Huntress.
Huntress: Okay, there is still a bit of traffic airborne, they're not all completely down, I imagine it's all low south of you, if you'll hold two loops before the tanker gets, ah, Oh, shit, I need a check list.
Cobra One: Cobra Onecopies
Controller: OK, I have ah ROE instructions, are you ready to copy?
Cobra One. Stand by, Huntress.
Cobra One: This is, ah, Cobra One, go ahead.
Controller: Ok the, OK the direction ah protectin' the major centers, when you're overhead the major center, be it Pittsburgh in this case, you're, you have intercept authority on any traffic in the area. And if, if the traffic does not respond to, ah, hand signals, divert procedures, anything like that, and they continue to press in a threatening manner towards the major center, you're cleared to engage.
Cobra One: Cobra copies.

113. New type of war
Unknown: This is a new type of war, that's what it is.

114. 0911 National terrorist day
Surveillance Tech 1: Is today like a national terrorist day or something that we missed
out on?
Surveillance Tech 2: Actually, ah, this is a day (indistinct) for a long time.
Surveillance Tech 1: September 11th, 2001.