Les brevet fra Bernander

Her er brevet som Bernander har sendt den latviske ambassaden for å be om unnskyldning.

Hei, denne artikkelen er over ett år gammel og kan innholde utdatert informasjon

Dear Ambassador Normunds Popens,

I refer to your letter of 3. March, concerning the Norwegian National Contest for choosing our participant to the Eurovision Song Festival in Riga.

It is with deep regret that I learn how you and your staff have perceived the performance broadcast during intermission. I can assure you that it was in no way intended to have been embarassing for you or your countrymen, but based on your letter I am afraid that it is rather embarassing for us.

The performance was introduced by our announcer as a troupe seeking to be allowed to perform during intermission during the Eurosong Contest in Riga. It was presented as a vaudeville act and not as representing Latvian Culture or history. However, knowing your history and your proud national heritage and struggle, I do understand and deeply regret how you and your countrymen have perceived this specific act during our national Eurosong Contest.

On behalf of the NRK and our staff I apologize for any offense taken. I can assure you that we look forward to take part in the Eurosong Contest in Riga and that we know this will offer us a splendid opportunity to broadcast from contemporary Latvia with respect and understanding for a unique people and heritage.

Respectfully yours,

John G. Bernander

Director General